The Angus premium was alive and well at the Gloucester sale yards on Friday, March 24th, when Mackas Angus sold over 500 Angus Verified females to prices well and truly above the current market. 

In their first commercial female sale, Mackas Angus saw both return and first-time purchasers come to get their hands on their line of Angus females, all auctioned with the Angus Verified assurance.   

“Angus Australia would like to congratulate Mackas Angus on an extremely successful sale. It was fantastic to see a large, one vendor, all Angus Verified sale take place with such outstanding results,” said Angus Australia Commercial Supply Chain Manager Liz Pearson. 

“This is the first time we have seen an all Angus Verified sale in Australia and it didn’t disappoint, demonstrating the value buyers place on the added reassurance that the animals they were bidding on were genuine Angus”.”

The top pen, sold to Boambee Angus, East Seaham, comprised of rising three-year-old PTIC cows with calf at foot and made $5,450.  Across all pens (50 head) of these 3in1 unit lots, the average price was $4,757. 

The premium prices continued with 100 PTIC heifers 19– 20 months, topping at $4,800 and averaging $3,341 or $7.60/kg across all lots. 

Heifers aged 19 – 22 months unjoined sold to $2,100/head or $5.15/kg, averaging $1,568 for 211 head and 172 Autumn drop weaner heifers averaging 308.8 kg sold to $2,900/head, averaging $1,531. 

As expected, 2023 has seen a step back from the highs paid for cattle in 2022, however results seen during the Mackas Angus Verified Female Sale proved that producers are still willing to pay a premium based on the knowledge that the whole sale was guaranteed purebred Angus.  

“The sale showed that the demand is still strong for high quality Angus cattle,” said Robert Mackenzie, Managing Director of Mackas Angus. 

“The females sold well with a few people being repeat customers, however there were a number of new customers who were seeking our genetics to introduce to their female herds.” 

On the success of the sale, Rodney McDonald representing selling agents Bowe & Lidbury Stock & Station Agents said the following: “Obviously it was a strong sale on current market conditions but credit where its due to Mackas Angus & Bowe & Lidbury Stock & Station Agents for all the teamwork that went into making it a successful day.” 

“Not forgetting the sale was interfaced with AuctionsPlus which had a strong presence on sale day and the help that they did with the lead up to auction day.  There were some great highlights throughout the auction, but in saying this there was still plenty of opportunity to purchase high quality future angus breeders at a reasonable price.” 

Mackas Angus have been long time supporters of the Angus Verified program, a program launched by Angus Australia to validate producers claims of purebred commercial Angus animals. 

“I found that being able to give our new customers at the sale the assurance that they were purchasing quality genetics that are verified through the Angus Verified program gave the purchasers confidence it what they were buying,” said Mr Mackenzie. 

“Mackas Angus have been involved in the Angus Verified program right from the start. I encourage other producers to follow this program.  It helps strengthen the quality and consistency of Angus cattle around Australia and also gives buyers, whether they are in the yards or online the confidence that they are purchasing the real thing.” 

Echoing this, Mr McDonald said, “Angus Verified helped us with marketing these females to give the purchases reassurance, confidence and peace of mind they are buying purebred commercial Angus cattle, a program that is backed by Angus Australia.” 

“If you look comparatively at what the market was doing on the same day, across the board these Angus Verified cattle secured a significant premium. Multiple factors contributed to this premium, including a large, one vendor sale however it is also a clear indicator of the value of verifying your purebred commercial Angus cattle when you’re ready to sell,” said Ms Pearson.