Common performance recording problems

The term “rubbish in – rubbish out” is often used when discussing the requirements of performance recording with the TransTasman Angus Cattle Evaluation (TACE). In other words, the reliability of the Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs) that are produced for the animals in a seedstock herd is a direct reflection of the reliability (or quality) of the information that is submitted to Angus Australia.

The reliability of performance information is influenced by many factors, with the accuracy of the measurements that have been collected and/or the submission of false information by dishonest breeders often being the first things that spring to mind.

In reality however, the majority of performance quality problems are caused by the submission of performance information that is simply of limited use for genetic evaluation.

The Angus Education Centre page ‘Common performance recording problems’ outlines some of the most common issues that cause seedstock producers problems when performance recording with Angus Australia. Importantly, the steps that seedstock producers can take to avoid these problems are also detailed.

Careful consideration of this information allows seedstock producers to take a large step towards ensuring that they are maximising the returns from their investment in performance recording, and in turn, the reliability of the TACE EBVs that they are obtaining for their animals.