Did you miss the recent Angus Verified webinar?

You’ll be pleased to know this webinar is now available to watch online, if you either missed the event or wish to rewatch it.



The webinar has been broken up into chapters based on topics so you can jump to the chapters that most interest you, or alternatively you can watch the whole event.

The Angus Verified webinar covered everything from how Angus Verified works, what sire and animal details you need to record, the marketing advantages of joining, AuctionsPlus integration, creating third party access for support, and a live demonstration and Q&A session that answered all those burning questions.

Two special guests also joined the webinar in AuctionsPlus CEO Angus Street and Knowla Livestock’s James Laurie. 

Angus demonstrated how to list your Angus Verified cattle on the box with the AV indicator and how to filter out Angus Verified cattle in AuctionPlus catalogue’s when you’re looking to purchase genuine purebred commercial Angus cattle.

“We’re really excited for Angus Verified to be integrated into AuctionsPlus. The Angus breed is by far the largest breed in numbers sold on the platform and it’s another way for us to put some more trust into the purchasing decisions for the buyer, especially considering the prices of cattle today,” Angus said. 

Seedstock and commercial Angus breeder, James Laurie from Knowla Livestock, Gloucester NSW, shared his thoughts on Angus Verified, the benefits he has already experienced as an Angus Verified member and how he believes Angus Verified will influence the cattle market in years to come.

“We see Angus Verified as a marketing advantage for us. With our commercial herd we work to differentiate ourselves, identifying everything individually and following progeny right through to the feedlot to understand our performance,” said James.

 “We could see feedlots like Whyalla and Killara that feed for Jack’s Creek wanting Angus Verified cattle for their programs, so we decided to go the extra step and do this on farm. We really see this program as the icing on the cake,” he added.  

Angus Australia’s Commercial Supply Chain Manager and webinar presenter, Liz Pearson, was pleased to see such strong interest and support for the Angus Verified program. 

“With over 60 producers, agents and other members of the beef supply chain tuning in to get the nitty gritty on Angus Verified and learning how to get in the box seat when selling or looking to buy purebred commercial Angus cattle, shows there is strong demand for this kind of integrity program”. 



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