Do you want a program that adds integrity and credibility to your purebred commercial Angus herd?

Angus Australia will be launching a new initiative that supports Angus producers in building better relationships based on trust and loyalty, assisting in adding integrity and credibility to their businesses and the greater supply chain.

If you’re a buyer, an important element of your business is building your reputation and establishing trusted business networks, and when it comes to making purchase decisions, the newest developments from Angus Australia will provide added assurance when purchasing purebred Angus that they are the genuine article.

More and more we are seeing black-hided Angus imposters benefiting from the Angus name built from years of hard work by Angus producers.

Angus Australia has developed a solution to provide confidence and validity to the claim that ‘Yes, it’s Angus’.

Keep an eye out for this big announcement in the coming weeks.