The Angus Foundation provides a mechanism for members and other beef industry stakeholders to support youth development, education and research programs conducted by Angus Australia.  

To keep the range of opportunities offered to members accessible to a range of ages and interests and to ensure the programs remain industry relevant, the Angus Foundation continues to scope and deliver new and novel ideas through Angus Australia.  

We are proud to announce a new way to make a difference to the future of the Angus breed, supporting its younger members and research and development opportunities, by contributing to the Angus Foundation. Expressions of interest are now open for members to consider donating the proceeds of an animal or genetic lot they are selling. 

Members donating animals from which the proceeds of sale go to the Angus Foundation will receive a range of comprehensive marketing opportunities* provided by Angus Australia including written and media content promoted across the expansive social media channels as well as electronic and print media leading up to the sale of the animal. 

For more information on the opportunity to support the Angus Foundation by the donation of an animal or genetic lot (proceeds), please contact Angus Australia Extension and Youth Manager, Jake Phillips 0401 261 217 

*The proposed benefits may need to be adjusted in relation to appropriateness and uptake from time to time as required by the CEO.