‘Fast Ed’ Halmagyi joins Roundup Lineup

Angus Australia is pleased to announce that celebrity chef ‘Fast Ed’ Halmagyi will be heading to Wodonga Victoria to join the 2022 NH Foods Australia Angus Youth National Roundup festivities.   

 As one of Australia’s best-loved TV chefs and food authors, Fast Ed is a proud brand partner of NH Foods Australia – one of the largest beef production companies in the country.  

In his role at the Roundup, which takes place in Wodonga October 6-9, Fast Ed will be treating participants to some culinary delights, providing dinner and a cooking demonstration on Thursday evening.  

“Ed will talk us through and demonstrate an easy to prepare and cook recipe using Angus Reserve, a Verified Black Angus Beef brand, produced by NH Foods Australia, that can be enjoyed by everyone at home,” said Roundup Event Manager Toni Nugent.  

Ed will also contribute to the educational program of the event where he will discuss meat cuts, where they come from on the beef carcase and reduced carcase wastage. 

“Ed’s presentations will have something for everyone – with most of the beef carcase able to be used in cooking.  We don’t always have to think top shelf, there is so much variety in menus using lower grade cuts that produce amazing dishes,” said Mrs Nugent. 

“This all links in with the meat science and supply chain sessions woven across our Roundup educational program for the 4 days. We will eat the end product on Thursday night, and on Friday learn about the factors that affect eating quality through nutrition, and breeding and genetics sessions; as well as meat science sessions – including a retail ID quiz.” 

For Ed, his passion is all about entertaining and informing Australians with achievable, time-conscious, family-friendly cooking, and when it comes to beef, you can rely on Ed to help you find the right technique and recipe to help you create an edible masterpiece. 

For nearly 20 years Ed has appeared on and hosted a variety of television and radio programs, in addition to writing for newspapers and magazines, books and websites, and appearing at events in every corner of Australia, including cooking up a storm with Angus Reserve at Beef Australia 2021.  

Best-known as the cooking presenter on Network 7’s multi award-winning ‘Better Homes and Gardens’, he transforms elegant restaurant cuisine into recipes that anyone can prepare at home.  

For further information regarding the NH Foods Australia Angus Youth Roundup please visit the Angus Australia website or contact Roundup Event Manager, Toni Nugent at toni@toninugent.com.au or phone: 0418 974 775.