Focus on Sustainable Angus Beef

Australian Angus producers, and Angus Australia, are focused on assisting the beef industry to meet the changing expectations of beef consumers, customers, investors and other stakeholders.

This was recently highlighted in an industry report titled “Australian Beef Sustainability – 2020 Annual Update”.  The Annual Update provides the industry and the wider community with an understanding of how the Australian beef industry is moving forward to creating a more sustainable sector.

The annual update puts focus on the development of the ImmuneDEX research breeding value which provides a genetic description of an animal’s ability to react to immune system challenge eg. disease.

Peter Parnell, Angus Australia’s CEO said “Angus Australia and Angus breeders are at the forefront of using technology to improve production gains and overall profitability of beef supply chains. While production gains are important, it is also well understood that balance is required with beef sustainability factors.”

“A good example on the focus on sustainability is recent collaborative research and development Angus Australia is undertaking with CSIRO. This has seen the development of ImmuneDEX which is a new breeding tool aiming to produce healthier calves with less antibiotics requirements.”

“It is wonderful that ImmuneDEX is highlighted as a case study on page 46 of the Annual Update.”

With the ability to select animals based on broad based immune competence, Angus producers are at the cutting-edge of genetic selection to not only improving productivity, but also improving animal health and welfare outcomes.

To access the “Australian Beef Sustainability – 2020 Annual Update.” CLICK HERE

To learn more about the ImmuneDEX research breeding value CLICK HERE, and to view the list of sires ranked on their ImmuneDEX breeding value CLICK HERE.