One of special things about a Roundup event is the combination of young people taking part, whether it’s their first event or their last. 

We had the pleasure of meeting our youngest competitor experiencing it all for the first time, and catching up with our oldest, who was taking to the Roundup ring for the final time. 

Eight-year-old Anna Sagasser and her family travelled over 600km to attend not only her first ever Roundup, but her first heifer show – and there was plenty of fun had.  

Joined by her heifer Twiggy, provided to her by the Hann family of Nampara Angus, Anna was still as enthusiastic on day four as she was on kick off day of the event. 

Some of the highlights for Anna over the course of Roundup were the cattle classes and education sessions but most of all the auctioneer’s school with Nutrien Ag Solutions. 

“It has been really good and exciting.  It has been my first Roundup and it’s been really fun,” said Anna. 

“I’ve learnt how to brush and wash properly, and everything is included and based on the heifer.” 

Anna was also very complimentary of the Angus breed when she highlighted, “They make good meat, and they are just friendly and nice.” 

When it comes to selling the Roundup event if asked about it by her friends, Anna said the most exciting part to tell them about was “All of it!” 

Janet Cantwell, Mullion, NSW, is really looking forward to the future as she rounded out her final days at her last Roundup and heifer show.  

At 25, Janet has reached the next stage of her life in the agricultural industry and was taking part in her last foray into junior showing.  She expressed while it was a sad prospect, it was an exciting one as well. 

“It’s kind of sad, but also kind of exciting at the same time.  This is my third Roundup, I started in 2016 when I was 17 so I wasn’t one who came through from when I was a little kid. 

“But it’s exciting, you meet new people at every one.  It’s great seeing friends again, obviously after COVID-19 and not having heifer shows and the fact not everyone is going to shows.  And obviously working with our buddies.” 

When asked about what spurred her interest in the industry a bit later in life than some of her peers, Janet explained that it started when she moved to her grandparent’s farm.  

“I started getting involved (in showing cattle) through the show team at school and then we bought our first cattle.  From there I just flew with it and caught the show bug.” 

The 2022 NH Foods Australia Angus Youth National Roundup held some education sessions of note for Janet, particularly those hosted by Angus Australia regarding breeding and genetics, which she found of keen interest considering her position coming from breeding cattle outside of the Angus breed.  

“The breeding and genetics sessions were interesting, it’s good to see how different breeds do things from my perspective,” said Janet. 

“I have a Bachelor of Agriculture degree and am currently doing a master’s in business management so seeing how different breeds adapt to their breed and how different societies manage, that is interesting to me because reproduction is my thing.” 

When asked the reason she kept coming back to Roundup over the years Janet said, “It’s educating the little kids who have started showing from a young age and keeping their passion for cattle. 

“Teaching one kid just one thing and to see them coming back, for example there are children here that I have had at other heifer shows and they will come and see you in the shed first. It’s that connection and networking in the industry. 

“Through my three Roundups things have changed immensely.  I have grown as a person and am more confident within myself.  Obviously, each heifer show is an aim to grow, and Roundup has given me the opportunity to make connections that may not have been involved in the Angus breed.” 

“The stud that I balloted with in Armidale (2019), Carleon Angus actually messaged me after and paid for my entry to go to the National All Breeds to be a buddy for their son, and now I still message them occasionally, so just checking in with people is the biggest thing I have taken. 

“You meet so many people and the connections you make, even if it doesn’t continue right here right now, continues into the future.” 

And it might not be the last we see of Janet when it comes to being involved in Roundup. 

“There have been talks today with helping the current stud I am balloted with Dalwhinnie Angus, with breaking in their heifers for next year, so possibly.” 

Looking to her future in the industry, Janet has some targets she is looking to tick off.  

“I want to continue breeding and growing our stud and becoming a bigger stud producer to sell bulls. 

To round out her Roundup experience, Janet completed her weekend with a top five finish in the herdsperson competition.  


– Cheyne Twist, Senior Marketing and Communications Officer

Images: Showcase By Branded Ag