‘Get Beyond the Bull this Sale Season’ Workshop

Do you know how to interpret and understand the evolving amount of information available in Angus Sale catalogues? Do you need to brush up on the latest developments in genetic technology? Can you look past the bull to find the best genetics for your clients ahead of this breeding season? Then the Northern Service Providers Workshop is for you.  



Held biannually, this workshop is designed to deliver a regular update on developments in genetic technology applicable to service providers, stock agents, consultants, and producers in Northern Australia. This workshop is the one stop shop for tips, and hints when purchasing bulls for your clients or your own herd this Bull Sale season, including vital considerations specific to the Northern Australian production environment.  

The workshop will explore the tools and resources available to producers and service providers alike, as well as the practical matters of purchasing a suitable bull, getting him home and getting him working to ensure he is best placed to pass on his genetics to the cows this breeding season. 


  • Welcome, Intro and Housekeeping 
  • The Pregame of Bull Purchasing – Defining your client’s needs  
  • Finding suitable Bulls – Resources and Legwork 
  • Resources – Angus Ed Centre, Stock Agent’s Tool kit
  •  The difference between the Best and the Rest 
  • Importance of Adaptation Management 

Date & Time: 12PM AEST, Thursday, 16th of June.