Get involved in Angus Verified

The newly launched Angus Verified gets rid of the guesswork and stops Angus imposters from eroding your profits.

Buy Angus Verified cattle and have the assurance and confidence that these animals are purebred Angus and you are getting what you pay for.



Angus Verified records the use of registered Angus sires, declares breeders and animals verified are purebred Angus and validates that sires, identified by their RFID, are on the right PIC at the time of joining to authenticate their purebred Angus breeding program.

Angus Verified can be accessed through an App and Web Portal, developed in conjunction with Aglive Pty Ltd, allowing easy access to this program at the tips of your fingers.

Angus Verified ensures that black hided Angus imposters are not sold as Angus, leading to greater integrity, confidence, and trust throughout the supply chain.

Targeted to the commercial Angus producer, Angus Verified is now available to Angus Australia members.

Angus Australia’s Commercial Supply Chain Manager Liz Pearson looks forward to working with commercial Angus producers through the Angus Verified program and assisting them in improving their profitability and reputation in the marketplace.

“More and more we are seeing black hided imposters benefiting from the good Angus name, built from years of hard work by Angus producers. Angus Verified helps the Angus producer build better relationships based on trust and loyalty and adds integrity and credibility to their business and their reputation.”

“As a buyer, you can have confidence when purchasing Angus Verified cattle as you can validate their status through the Angus Australia database with their RFIDs. Angus Verified producers will also have access to exclusive yellow Angus Verified tags as a visual identifier in the market.”

“Angus Australia is thrilled and proud to be collaborating with Aglive Pty Ltd on this exciting program that we believe without a doubt will benefit Angus producers, purchasers and the entire beef supply chain.”

Aglive Pty Ltd is an industry first paddock-to-plate blockchain-based logistics platform which tracks cattle from birth through life, then tracking products from processing to the consumers plate ensuring products are shipped under the right conditions throughout the journey. Paul Ryan, Aglive Pty Ltd CEO, is pleased to be part of the collaborative effort in bringing Angus Verified to the marketplace.

“Aglive Pty Ltd is excited to be part of this innovative project and to support the iconic Angus brand. The Aglive App records Angus Verified animals, and it can also record weight gains, treatments, and other important livestock management information. The new eNVD is built into the Aglive App providing access to shipments and NLIS transfers at the touch of a button making compliance and integrity a breeze.”

To join Angus Verified, become a member of Angus Australia, subscribe to the program, download the free Aglive App and set up your account.

Once this is complete you can do everything in the App, or if you prefer, login to the Aglive Web Portal with a QR code on your App and do bulk data entries with a csv upload.

“We encourage those with purebred commercial Angus herds to join Angus Verified and get rewarded for your quality Angus cattle by displaying the Angus Verified endorsement in the marketplace,” said Ms Pearson.

For further information about Angus Verified, including the what, the how, and the why please download the brochure HERE or contact Angus Australia’s Commercial Supply Chain Manager Liz Pearson