Getting the value from Estimated Breeding Values

Making more informed breeding decisions is crucial to any breeding program and by contributing performance information, Members are adding to the value of the EBVs for them and their clients.

There are four key collection windows for data that can be submitted to the TransTasman Angus Cattle Evaluation (TACE); that is birth, weaning, 12-18 months and maturity and members can add to the value of an EBV by collecting and submitting performance information associated with the trait.  

Members should consider collecting traits important to their breeding program or that of their clients, by doing this Members add to value of the EBVs calculated. Giving them and their clients more informed EBVs to include in their breeding and purchasing decisions.  

As we explore the topic of ‘Getting the value from Estimated Breeding Values’, we will move through each of these windows and highlight the specific traits, as well as taking you through the resources that are available to guide members through the collection process.  

To learn more about collecting and submitting data for TACE, please visit the Angus Education Centre or more specifically, Collecting Performance information for TACE or Collecting Performance information for Angus Research 

Angus Australia members are encouraged to contact Angus Australia regarding any questions, they have about Estimated Breeding Values or the collection of performance information for these important traits.