How do I add photos and videos of my sale lots to

Members will need to submit their photos and video links to Angus Australia for them to be added online, however there are some requirements when submitting any images and or videos to Angus Australia and these requirements which are covered under Angus Australia’s Catalogue Service Agreement.

Photos – Any sale lot images must have the animal’s ident written as the file/image name eg. USA18130471.jpg. An example of this is shown below.


Videos – Any sale lot videos must be supplied via YouTube links either including the animals ident in the video name, or an excel spreadsheet provided with the animal ident and their corresponding YouTube link.



At Angus Australia we load items to the database (catalogues included) and we are working directly with a specific animals’ information rather than their lot number. Photos and or videos are uploaded directly to that animals’ ident, and as such we require the animals’ proper society ident to be associated with any photos and videos.

Labelling the animals’ ident on the photos and or videos also minimises the chance of errors when cross referencing lot numbers to idents with photos and or videos. If Angus Australia receives photos and or videos in a format other than what is required, these items cannot be added and the correct format will be requested.

Please note that if the information is submitted to Angus Australia in the incorrect format members will be asked to resubmit their information in the correct format.  This may result in time delays in the loading of any images and or videos.

For more information on sale catalogue services with Angus Australia, please CLICK HERE