How do you really know it’s Angus?

Purchase Angus Verified cattle with confidence from producers who invest in the integrity of the Angus breed.

What is the Angus Verified Producer List?

The Angus Verified Producer List is the list of producers included in the Angus Verified program. You are able to opt out of this list when you setup to Angus Verified in the Aglive App.

This list is available only to collaborating Angus Australia partners who are purchasers of Angus cattle.

As a member of this list, you will be in the box seat when selling your Angus Verified animals.

Our collaborating partners purchasing Angus Verified cattle will come to you first when they are looking to buy Angus cattle with the added assurance of the integrity based Angus Verified program, ensuring you are rewarded for your quality purebred Angus herd.