Angus Verified gets rid of the guesswork and stops Angus imposters from eroding your profits. 

Buy Angus Verified cattle and have the assurance and confidence that these animals are purebred Angus and you are getting what you pay for.  

Angus Verified, with the assistance of the NLIS Database, validates the use of registered Angus sires,  declares breeders and their progeny are purebred commercial Angus and authenticates purebred Angus breeding programs. 

Details of your cattle are collected through the Aglive App and Web Portal, Angus Australia’s third party data collection point for the Angus Verified program. The App and Web Portal provide a simple to use system to upload the necessary information about your cattle, check their Angus Verified status and request an Angus Verified tags order form at any time, night or day. 

Angus Australia’s Commercial Supply Chain Manager Liz Pearson looks forward to working with commercial Angus producers through the Angus Verified program and assisting them in improving their profitability and reputation in the marketplace. 

“Angus Verified helps the Angus producer build better relationships based on integrity and trust and provides credibility to their business and their reputation.” 

“Buyers can have confidence when they see the yellow Angus Verified tag that these cattle are genuine purebred Angus.” 

“We encourage those with purebred commercial Angus herds to join Angus Verified and get rewarded for your quality Angus cattle by displaying the Angus Verified endorsement in the marketplace,” said Ms Pearson. 

Check our website for more details on ANGUS VERIFIED and contact Angus Australia’s Commercial Supply Chain Manager Liz Pearson to discuss Angus Verified today.