IMPORTANT – Angus Selection Indexes

As part of the release of the mid December 2020 TransTasman Angus Cattle Evaluation (TACE) on Friday 11th December Angus Australia implemented changes to the selection indexes published on Angus animals.  These changes included the use of new software for the calculation of indexes and an update of all parameters that underpin the indexes to reflect current production systems and markets.

Since the publication of the new indexes numerous members have contacted Angus Australia Directors and staff with concerns relating to the magnitude of changes in index values for some animals.

In response to the concerns raised by members the Board has decided that the indexes will revert to the input parameters and software used prior to the mid-December 2020 TACE analysis.

Revised indexes, based on the previous software and previous input parameters should be available on Angus.Tech by the 22nd December, 2020.

Further member consultation will be conducted during 2021 to assist in further consideration of revisions to the indexes, with the objective of releasing updated indexes in 2021.

Angus Australia remains committed to providing the best possible tools and information to members to assist them with their breeding decisions.

The Angus Australia Board acknowledges the anxiety faced by some members resulting from the index revisions and regrets any disappointment or inconvenience caused.

Sam White