The 2023 Media Kit is now available and outlines the advertising opportunities, including some new options, that are available to members with Angus Australia. 

With Angus Australia’s extensive audience reach several advertising opportunities are offered to promote the sale of Angus cattle and associated events, products and services. 

Angus Australia’s print and digital advertising opportunities ensures you reach your target market, those interested in the Angus breed, as well as the overall cattle and agricultural industries. 

In addition to the current print (quarterly Angus Bulletin) and digital (website and The Weekly) advertising available, Angus Australia is pleased to offer new digital advertising opportunities. 


Angus Up Next

Released at the end of each month, Angus Up Next is distributed to Angus members and subscribers and includes information on all upcoming events and a list of upcoming sales that have catalogues listed with Angus Australia. 

Four advertising opportunities per edition: MREC 300px wide by 250px high – $330  

Angus Bulletin Extra

Released once hard copies of the bulletin have been distributed, the Angus Bulletin Extra is distributed to Angus members and subscribers and includes multi media and feature articles from the latest edition of the Bulletin. 

Four advertising opportunities per edition (4 editions per year, Summer, Autumn, Winter & Spring), open to members who advertised in the relevant edition: MREC 300px wide by 250px high – $330  




The Angus Australia website is the central hub for all Angus information and on average receives over 42,000 page views per month. 

Unlimited opportunities: MREC 300px wide by 250px high $165 per week ($132 per week with 20% sale catalogue discount) 


The Angus Weekly

Released each Wednesday, The Angus Weekly is distributed to over 7,500 members and industry representatives.

Unlimited opportunities:  

  • Option 1 MREC 300px wide by 250px high – $110 per edition 
  • Option 2 Banner 600px wide by 174px high – $330 per edition 

Two advertising opportunities per edition 

  •  Option 3 Video: YouTube or Vimeo videos. – $110 per edition 


Angus Bulletin

The Angus Bulletin is a quarterly publication mailed out to over 4,000 people each quarter and is used widely as a promotional tool for the Angus breed. 

Bulletin Ad Specs & Rates 

Business card – $165
96mm wide x 65mm high 

Quarter page – $330
192mm wide x 70mm high 

Third Page – $440
192mm wide x 89mm high 

Half Page (horizontal) – $660
192mm wide x 135mm high 

Half Page (vertical) – $660
96mm wide x 270mm high 

Full page – $ 1,000
210mm wide x 297mm high with 4mm bleed 

Inside Front Cover – $1,200
210mm wide x 297mm high with 4mm bleed 

Inside Back Cover – $ 1,100
210mm wide x 297mm high with 4mm bleed 

Back Cover – $ 1,300
210mm wide x 297mm high with 4mm bleed 

All prices outlined in this document are GST inclusive. For full terms and conditions of advertising with Angus Australia, CLICK HERE 

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