Integrating Fixed Time AI into Commercial Breeding Programs

Angus Australia’s partner, Repro360, powered by Vetoquinol will be hosting a replay of Dr Enoch Bergman’s seminar from Beef Australia, Improving heifer productivity: Integrating Fixed Time AI into Commercial Breeding Programs.

This presentation will take place on Tuesday 29th June 2021 from 7-8.30pm. Enoch will remain online after the presentation to answer as many questions as possible.


Imagine using controlled mating through Fixed Time Artificial Insemination (FTAI) to improve your bottom line by $90/pregnancy.  In this webinar, sponsored by Vetoquinol’s Repro360o, one of Australia’s leading and most engaging repro veterinarians will share the results from his most recent trial that points to how this can be done.

Join Dr Enoch Bergman to hear first-hand what producers in Esperance, WA found when they participated in a MLA funded Producer Demonstration Site (PDS) project run in conjunction with Swans Veterinary Services and the producer grower group ASHEEP.

Run over three mating seasons, between 2017 and 2019, the testing of FTAI in the heifer joining programs of 10 local beef producers measured conception rates, dystocia rates, calf and heifer mortality rates, rebreeding weights, and the weaning weights of the calves from the heifers. Those enrolled in the FTAI integrated group were superior to those of their naturally mated siblings on average for each parameter and in most individual instances.

Enoch will also highlight results from an economic analysis of the averages, which demonstrated a benefit of just under $90 per pregnancy (or $120 in today’s dollars) without factoring in either genetic improvement or the ongoing benefits of the improved calving distribution observed within the heifers enrolled in the FTAI program.