It’s almost sale season again!

Believe it or not, but the Autumn 2021 bull selling season is just around the corner, so have you got your sale information in order?

As we lead up to the Christmas and New Year period it is important to remember that the Angus Australia office will be closed from Thursday 24th December and will reopen on Monday 4th January for the holiday season.

Therefore, any members wishing to have their sale catalogue finalised and live on Angus SELECT prior to the Christmas break should have their catalogue request form and lot information to the Angus Australia office by Thursday December 10th 2020*.

Getting your bulls and females in front of a large and wide-ranging audience

In today’s time poor society, prospective purchasers want to be able to look for their information in the one place, without having to go searching across multiple websites.

Listing your offering on AngusSELECT may also open you up to new clientele.

Searches across catalogues in Angus SELECT have seen a significant increase throughout 2020, particularly during both the autumn and spring selling seasons. February saw a 38% increase compared to 2019 in searches across catalogues, while June saw a 46% increase and August a massive 64% increase, with over 45,000 searches.

This means that members who are selling bulls, females, semen and embryos privately and those not listing their catalogues online with Angus Australia are missing out on reaching a larger audience!

Catalogue Request and Process

Prior to making a catalogue request, it is important to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Have you made sure that your sale animals are fully registered, with the correct details?
  • Have you submitted all the data for the TransTasman Angus Cattle Evaluation (TACE) analysis?
  • Do you understand Angus Australia’s Rules and Regulations?
  • Have you left enough time to conduct any genomic and DNA testing?

Having all your ducks in a row leading up to sale catalogue production will make the process far easier, as all of the sale animals’ data will be current and correct and being organised with all your additional data and information will make for a smoother process for your Graphic Designer.

Before completing your catalogue request form, it is necessary to carefully read through the catalogue agreement before signing your request form, there is some important information listed which in turn if not read and understood could have potential repercussions down the track.

A copy of the current catalogue request form and agreement can be found at: CLICK HERE

Upon submission of your completed request form and lot animals, there are many other additions that can be provided by members for inclusion into their catalogue design with Angus Australia, they are:

  • Additional animal information e.g. Raw structural data, DOB in months, Vet checks and so on.
  • Photos/YouTube videos
  • Artwork
  • Advertising
  • Specific colouring or fonts

To eliminate the possibility of errors, it is a requirement that any additional animal information, colouring, advertising etc. be provided and specified by the submitting member and any photos or YouTube videos are to have the sale animal’s ident as the file name rather than e.g. Lot 1, N45, Thunderbird. Rule of thumb, we can only include online or in a catalogue design what we’ve been provided from you the member.

There are different catalogue services available for members to utilize and each service comes with an array of inclusions to promote your sale and get more value for money.

Standard Catalogue is the choice of standard templates that are already set up to input your animal’s information.

Customised Catalogue is where you can alter any of the standard templates to suit your needs or simply create your own template layout and include colours, photos, shading of EBV data and as much information as you would like to include.

Full Catalogue Design is similar to a customised catalogue however the whole catalogue is designed from front cover to back cover. This includes organising a printer for you, customising your Quick Summary EBV Table, designed catalogue promoted on social media and more. The sky is the limit with this service.

More information on our catalogue services can be found here: CLICK HERE or if you have any questions of queries please contact us on (02) 6773 4600 or

*Please note that if all animals to be listed for sale are not fully registered or the data you wish to include has not been processed at the time a catalogue request is actioned, then completion of catalogues cannot be guaranteed prior to the Christmas break