Candina Crowden may have been a long way from her home in Tasmania, but she definitely made the most of her time taking part in the 2022 NH Foods Australia Angus Youth National Roundup.

Candina headed to the mainland to participate in Roundup following her selection for the John Wear Travel Bursary, sponsored by the Tasmanian Angus Breeder Group and awarded to her during her participation at the TAS Junior Beef Expo in 2022.

“I was sponsored by the Tasmanian Angus Breeders Group at the 2022 TAS Beef Expo to come to the Roundup, which included entry, flights and accommodation, so the Bursary is a really good opportunity for people like me to come over here.”

During her time at Roundup Candina finishing the event not only having enjoyed the opportunity to participate in educational and practical activities but also with the Reserve Senior Champion Junior Judge under her belt.

“It’s been really good. I don’t think I would have been able to afford to come over by myself, so it’s been great, and I’m definitely going to try and come back next year if I can.”

Highlighting her biggest take homes from the opportunity afforded to her through the bursary, Candina explained that she had been exposed to a number of new skill development opportunities.

“I really enjoyed judging commercial steers because I’ve never judged commercial animals before, but it was something new and something interesting trying new things,” she said.

Of one particular experience which saw her competing in the junior judging final, hosted in front of the entire Roundup cohort, Candina said, “I found it very scary. We’ve never done anything like that in Tasmania, but it was good, and I’ll take it back home, tell everyone about it, you know, hopefully get the kids trying to start their ringcraft and learn a bit about that.”

Frank Archer, Tasmanian Angus Breeders Group Chairperson, says that the bursary is in place in order to give a young person in the industry the opportunity to compete in event that continues their development in the industry.

“The Tasmanian Angus Breeders Group was thrilled to give Candina the opportunity to attend the Roundup,” said Mr Archer.

“To be able to present this opportunity to Candina delivers on exactly the purpose of the John Wear Bursary, which is to provide a young cattle enthusiast with the opportunity to broaden their experience and further develop their network in the industry.”

“The bursary is named in honour of John Wear who devoted much of this time to raising funds for the Angus group in Tasmania, now giving us the opportunity to support youth activities.”

Images: Showcase by Branded Ag