Life membership awarded to Ron Cowley

South Australian Angus breeder Ronald Cowley was yesterday bestowed the Angus Australia Honorary Life Membership by President and Board Chairman Sam White in recognition for his contributions to the Angus breed and Angus Australia.

The presentation took place during the Roseleigh Angus Annual Bull Sale.

Mr Cowley has a long history with the Angus breed spanning 65 years and a 30-year association with the Society.

In 1983 Mr Cowley and his wife Judy took over Roseleigh Angus, the stud originally founded by the late Mr Charles Cowley.  Roseleigh is one of the oldest Angus studs in South Australia, and made history hosting the first on-property auction for Angus cattle in the state.

Mr Cowley utilised the networks provided by showing his stud as an example of his industry wide view of the Angus breed, and the strength that the breed was beginning to present in the global meat industry.

In 2005 Roseleigh Angus was recognised by Angus Australia for 50 years of registered membership.  Roseleigh Angus continues on, currently owned and operated by Ron, Judy, Mathew and Julie Cowley.

Mr Cowley has made several commitments to Angus Australia across his life, serving as both a committee member and executive on the South Australia State Committee from 1982 to 2019, including time he served as the Vice Chairman in 1987 and the Chairman 1988 to 1989.

Mr Cowley was also a director on the Angus Australia Board from 1988 to 1998.

Furthermore Mr Cowley has also contributed to various other committees during his life, notably with the Royal Adelaide Show as Inspector and General Inspector, as a South Australia Federal Council Delegate, a member of the Angus National Show and Sale Committee, the Federal Classic Committee, Judging School Committee, South Eastern Committee, Financial Advisory & Chief Executive Committee, Breed Development Sub-Committee and as a South Australia Stud Beef Cattle Breeders Association Representative.

Mr Cowley has also offered his knowledge to the industry working with and advocating for young Angus enthusiasts through mentoring young breeders within in the breed.

In making the nomination on behalf of the South Australian State Committee, Chairman Brad Lucas noted that, “Ron has proven to be one of the most devoted and credible supporters of the Angus breed.

“With over 30 years of commitment to promote the Angus breed on a State and Federal level, Ron has been a strong pillar of support during trying times.”

Feature Image: Mr Ron Cowley being presented with Life Membership of Angus Australia by Angus Australia President Sam White, also pictured with son Mathew Cowley and grandson Nate Cowley.