Mackas Australian Black Angus Beef joins the Verified Black Angus Beef ranks

Mackas Australian Black Angus is the latest brand to join the suite of Verified Black Angus Beef brands.

Independently verified by Angus Australia and solidifying their places in the domestic and global premium beef market as brands of superior quality and integrity, protecting the Angus breed now and into the future.

The Mackenzie farming history started in 1884, when Robert’s grandfather and aunties started raising cattle in the Hunter Valley. Robert, a 4th generation farmer, is carrying on the legacy with his father Bruce and two sons James and Jack.

The original brand created in 1884 greets visitors to all the Mackenzie properties and brandishes every Mackas Australian Black Angus Beef carton.

Today, the Mackas legacy spans 15,000 acres across eight properties around Gloucester and Newcastle running 3000 Angus cattle and is still growing.

The properties presentation from the front gate all the way to the back gate is of utmost importance to this impressive operation. Naturally, animal husbandry is delivered with very careful attention. The genetics focus of the team on the farms is producing exceptional results. The business is continuing to improve their excellent herd exponentially with the aim to build up the Angus breed.

Currently in the Macka’s herd, bulls have been sourced predominately from the Hunter Valley region. The progeny are assessed based on their farm and feedlot performance and processer feedback.

When selecting bulls Mackas look for structural soundness and doability while utilising selection tools such as EBVs, ensuring that desirable eating quality carcass traits are passed onto the progeny, and ultimately giving the customer the same quality every time.

All Mackas breeding cattle are independently assessed with 400 of the best commercial females retained each year as replacement heifers.

For many years Mackas sold cattle into saleyards exclusively. The family felt there were other opportunities and were compelled to change their normal when marketing Mackas cattle. Mackas  began backgrounding cattle alongside their own bred Angus and supplying cattle for sale via AuctionsPlus and directly to feedlots.

Mackas has sold indirectly to major supermarket chains and other well recognised Australian retail outlets over recent years and is expanding rapidly.

Robert began to feel a disconnection once the cattle had left the farm. He was left wondering where they would go and who would benefit from the family’s hard work and most importantly, would the industry value the beef at the level it deserved. So, the Mackenzie family changed their entire business model and strategy.

In more recent years, Mackas have enter the premium beef export market, predominantly into China, supplying a true Paddock to Plate story with the Mackas brand.

Mackas success in the beef export market has been a challenge, but by building a highly skilled and successful team, their capability to impact with significant improvements in their business, commercial acumen, marketing and expanded networks  Mackas  have  pushed  further into  new export  markets and have  developed stronger relationships locally.

Regarding export markets, Mackas sell predominantly into the foodservice industry with direct relationships with many chefs across several countries, taking advantage of the pride and prestige these chefs place on presenting the Mackas product to the world.

Mackas has also stepping into the domestic value-added product space, utilising their secondary cut, Topside, for Mackas Australian Beef Jerky.

Their jerky is hand trimmed to remove as much visible fat as possible then sliced and tumbled to coat with their select spices and flavouring. These steaks are racked and dehydrated in a temperature-controlled environment for 15 hours producing a tender piece of jerky bursting with flavour. Keep your eyes peeled for an exclusive offer for this outstanding product to come later this year.

With many requesting Mackas Black Angus product, this a testament to its quality. Overall, it all comes together with drive, passion, and teamwork and the Mackas team has bucket loads!

Qualities like these are enhanced with extensive support from the MLA, NSW DPI, AusTrade, and Angus Australia just to name a few, ‘Without their support we would be years behind’ Robert Mackenzie says.

Mackas Australian Black Angus Beef is Angus Australia’s latest Verified Black Angus Beef brand. This brand is HGP free with a minimum of 150-days on grain.

The decision to become verified by Angus Australia was strongly supported by the entire Mackas team and customer base. The verification process is thorough and ensures Mackas brand exceeds industry standard.

Mackas expresses their pride in placing the Verified Black Angus Beef logo side by side with their brand.

‘I am so proud of the consistent quality of our product after all the hard work our team have put in’ Robert says

The brand has grown so much over the last 12 months thanks to the hard work and dedication of the whole team at Mackas and aligning our brand the premium status  of Verified Black Angus Beef further promotes Mackas commitment to the Angus breed and delivering great Aussie Angus beef to the world.

Feature Image: Bruce, Jack & Robert Mackenzie