The recent Annual General Meeting of Angus Australia in Albury NSW saw a significant number of membership milestones recognised, with outgoing President, Erica Halliday making the presentations.  

Landfall Angus, Launceston Tasmania and GH & JM Stuckey, Leawood Angus, Flynn Victoria were acknowledged for reaching 75 years of membership of Angus Australia.   

The 50 years membership awards acknowledged from 2023 included: 

  • Margaret Beck 
  • BP & BF Grubb 
  • RT & BM Grigg, Bos Taurus 
  • Weerangourt Partnership, Weeran 
  • Michael Hopkins, Tignabruich 

A further 34 members were also acknowledged for their 25 years of membership in 2023.  

The 50 years membership awards acknowledged from 2024 included: 

  • Colin Murdoch, Jincumbilly  
  • Peter Quilty, Brungle  
  • Rowle & Barbara Hull, Robar 
  • Peter Hoodless, Jingellic 
  • Roger Boshammer, Glenoch 
  • George Mills, Panshanger 
  • Fiona Conroy, Knewleave 
  • John Chapman, Cooinbil Park 

 A further 64 members were also acknowledged for their 25 years of membership in 2024.  

Ed Archer was in attendance and accepted the 75 year award in behalf of his family.  

‘We really tried to encourage dad to come and collect this award with mum but he’s very determined these days to get as many jobs ticked off his list as he can.’   

‘He would have enjoyed coming here and there are a lot of faces here that he’s been in a friendship with for a long time. Dad’s always enjoyed spending time with fellow cattle breeders.’  

‘Thank you very much for this. We’ve been very fortunate that the generations before have successfully put together a great cow herd, and we’ve been able to continue with that. We’ve been fortunate to have a lot of great people around us and continue to grow the business, and the future is looking great.’  

Michael Hopkins was also present at the AGM to collect his 50 years membership award and was very honoured to be at the AGM and receive his award from Erica.  

While Luke Stuckey received the Leawood award on behalf of his family during the 2024 GenAngus Future Leaders Program formal dinner from current President Sinclair Munro.  

Ben and Wendy Mayne from Texas Angus were also acknowledged during the AGM with the presentation of the Wyatt Thompson Trophy for Breeder of the new Australian record priced Angus bull sold at Auction, with Texas Thunderstruck T383 selling for $360,000 – on July 27th 2023 when purchased by Macka’s Pastoral. 

Feature Image: Angus Australia CEO Scott-Wright, Angus Australia 47th President Erica-Halliday, Landfall Angus Ed Archer