Merry Christmas from Angus Australia 2021

2021 will undoubtedly be remembered for a long time as an extraordinary year for the beef industry and the Angus breed.  Continued favourable seasons in most areas of Australia, record prices across all livestock categories and very positive market forecasts, have generated great confidence in our industry.  Arguably, the prospects for Angus breeders have never been better.

Since this is my last opportunity to write an end of year message as the CEO of Angus Australia, I wish to acknowledge the support of my colleagues at Angus Australia (both now and throughout my tenure), the guidance provided by the many Directors who have also generously served Angus Australia during this period, and the friendship offered by the many members and others who I have had the privilege of meeting over the years in this role.

I am leaving Angus Australia with the comfort that the organisation is in great shape to continue to provide industry leading innovative services to our members well into the future.  It has been very satisfying to have the privilege of serving the members of Angus Australia and hopefully contributing in some way to the success of Angus.

I encourage members to continue to embrace the opportunities presented by the rapid evolution of cattle breeding and genetics technology.  I feel very confident that Angus Australia will remain at the forefront in the development and delivery of profitable innovation for its members.

I wish all members a very happy festive season ahead and hope that you can find time to relax a little with your families over this period and to celebrate your achievements of the past year and I wish you all the best for the future.


Best wishes … Peter Parnell, CEO.