MLA BredWell FedWell Workshop – Dalby QLD

Want to find out about breeding and feeding to maximise profit?      

U8J Cattle Company is hosting a Meat & Livestock Australia BredWell FedWell workshop on 11 June 2024 – these full day interactive workshops work though breeding and feeding strategies designed to maximise profitability. 

Join us on for MLA’s BredWell FedWell workshop to:  

  • Develop a customised breeding plan for your livestock enterprise aligned to your profit drivers 
  • Identify sires and select animals using breeding values that help you meet your objectives 
  • Learn about feeding animals well to achieve your objective and maximise your genetic investment

The workshop will be hosted by Warren and Meg Salter, U8J Cattle Company and delivered by Angus Australia’s Extension Officer, Nancy Crawshaw.   

Workshop Date: 

When: 8:30am for 9am–4:30pm 

Where: Mt Pleasant, 376 Dalby-Nungil Rd, Dalby 4405 

Hosted by:  Warren and Meg Salter, U8J Cattle Company 

Registration fee – inc GST – Introductory price: $200 per person   

Register online


For more information on Meat & Livestock Australia’s BredWell FedWell Workshops