MSA Performance Spectacular 

With cattle represented from the New England of NSW down to the southern parts of Victoria, the 2023 Beef Spectacular Feedback Trial once again demonstrated the commercial viability of Angus and Angus influenced cattle. 

Angus and Angus influenced cattle had tremendous success in the competition with nine of the MSA Eating Quality Medals going to purebred Angus steers and the remaining medal to an Angus cross team and seven of the overall top ten awards going to going to Angus and Angus cross cattle. 

In the trials’ fourteenth year, there were 495 head entered, making up eighty-nine teams from forty-seven vendors. 

Brett Tindal, Australian Community Media and event organiser commended the vendors for their commitment to the Beef Spectacular and appreciated the fact that the competition allows vendors to obtain feedback data that can be used on farm. 

‘We work on the mantra of being a commercially focused and industry relevant competition,’ he said.  

‘The Beef Spectacular was created around trying to drive the data for the vendors to help in production systems for what they are trying to achieve.’ 


Eating Quality Medals 

1st: Bryce Miller (Angus) – MSA Index 64.786 

2nd: Berthong Pastoral (Angus x Limousin) – MSA Index 64.526 

3rd: Barfold Beef (Angus) – MSA Index 64.510 

4th: The Sisters Pastoral Company (Angus) – MSA Index 64.406 

5th: Mackinnon Pastoral (Angus) – MSA Index 64.386 

6th: Shore Pastoral Trust (Angus) – MSA Index 64.276 

7th: D & A Skinner (Angus) – MSA Index 64.154 

8th: Brian Moore (Angus) – MSA Index 64.140 

9th: Tait Pastoral Company (Angus) – MSA Index 64.114 

10th: Baringa Pastoral Company (Angus) – MSA Index 64.106 


Champion: Bryce Miller (Angus) 

Reserve Champion: Wantabadgery Pastoral Co (Angus) 

Riverine Premium Beef Champion Pen 

Champion: Barfold Beef (angus) 

Reserve Champion: Wantabadgery Pastoral Co (Angus) 

Teys Certified Premium Black Angus Pen 

Champion: Baringa Pastoral Company (Angus) 

Reserve Champion: Shore Pastoral Trust (Angus) 

Overall Pen of 5 Steers 

Reserve Champion: WC & MA McCrohon (Angus x Shorthorn) 

2nd: Barfold Beef (Angus) 

4th: Baringa Pastoral Company (Angus) 

6th: Shore Pastoral Trust (Angus) 

8th: Wantabadgery Pastoral Co (Angus) 

9th: BC Bateman (Angus) 

10th: Shore Pastoral Trust (Angus) 

Feature Image: Places 1st – 5th in the Eating Quality Medals.
Gallery Images courtesy of The Land