New features when listing your catalogue on Angus SELECT

Angus SELECT was a hive of activity during the 2020 spring selling season and is again seeing significant activity as the autumn season heads towards kick off. Listing a catalogue within Angus SELECT is a great place to display animals for sale and provided prospective buyers with the latest information.

Angus SELECT is loaded with features designed to assist users with utilising the full potential of the Angus Australia database and the wealth of information it holds. Whilst some of the features of Angus SELECT have been well utilised, like the addition of photos and vendor comments, there are some features which are going unused.

These features are free and can be the key to standing out.

Link the Hardcopy / PDF catalogue

A sale catalogue within Angus SELECT is often supported by a PDF catalogue, which contains further information relating to the sale of the animal. These are often printed and mailed to potential clients. With the features of Angus SELECT, members can ensure the PDF catalogue is also available to anyone looking at the animals in Angus SELECT.

The feature is free and members simply need to provide a PDF copy of the catalogue to Angus Australia and request it be linked to your sale catalogue in Angus SELECT.  Please note only catalogues that adhere to Angus Australia’s catalogue terms and conditions will be approved for display.

Link to a Pre-sale video

With the current COVID-19 restriction, videos have been of increasing value to purchasers who may have limited ability to view animals. A pre-sale video can be a great way to showcase a draft of bull and attract clients in to look at a catalogue in further detail.

A pre-sale video can also be linked to a catalogue in Angus SELECT, simply by providing Angus Australia with a YouTube link to the video and requesting it be linked to the sale catalogue.

How to view a PDF catalogue or Pre-sale video in Angus SELECT

To view either a PDF catalogue or a pre-sale video in Angus SELECT, navigate to the Sale Catalogue page. Click on the lightning bolt in the far-right hand column for the catalogue that you wish to view and select either the PDF catalogue or pre-sale video for from the drop-down box. The options will not appear if a PDF catalogue or pre-sale video has not been linked to the catalogue.  

For further information contact staff at Angus Australia on (02) 6773 4600 or 

How to list your catalogue on Angus SELECT 

If you are a member whom hosts an annual auction and doesn’t already access Angus Australia’s catalogue services, or offers animals and genetics for sale privately on farm and you want more information on utilising Angus Australia catalogue services and subsequently being listed online with AngusSELECT, please contact us today to learn more, E:, Ph: 02 6773 4600, or visit  

Need help with using Angus SELECT? 

The Angus Education Centre has a number of resouces to help you with navigating Angus SELECT, with a module that provides a detailed walk-through of the features of each of the Angus SELECT tools.