Two new Research Breeding Values (RBVs) are now available from the TransTasman Angus Cattle Evaluation (TACE), MSA Marbling Score and Shear Force.

Research Breeding Values (RBVs) are EBVs under development. They can be utilised in exactly the same manner as EBVs; however they are subject to greater potential change than the EBVs routinely reported in the TransTasman Angus Cattle Evaluation (TACE) as improvements are made to the analytical models that are used to calculate them, and as additional performance information is collected for the trait.

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Shear Force

Shear Force (SF) RBVs provide estimates of genetic differences between animals in objective beef tenderness.

Shear force RBV’s are calculated from a laboratory assessed beef shear force measurement.

Shear Force EBV’s are expressed in kilograms of shear force that are required to pull a mechanical blade through a piece of cooked meat.

Lower, more negative, Sh RBVs are more favourable, indicating that less shear force is required, and hence that the meat is more tender.

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MSA Marbling

MSA Marbling Score (MMS) RBVs are estimates of genetic difference between animals in

MSA marbling score at the 12th/13th rib grading site on a 400 kg steer carcase.

MMS RBV’s are calculated from MSA marbling scores taken by an accredited carcase grader.

MSA Marbling Score RBV’s are expressed in MSA marbling score units.

Higher, more positive MMS RBVs indicate the animal is expected to produce progeny with higher marbling scores in a 400 kg steer carcase.

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