Next stop to purchase Angus Genetics – Glen Innes 

Producers chasing commercial Angus genetics are in luck, with weaner sales moving across the New England and Angus and Angus influenced animals available for purchase. 

The Colin Say Premier Weaner Sale will take place at the Glen Innes Saleyards from 9am on Friday March 31st. 

Angus Australia will be awarding prizes for the Champion Pen of Angus Steers and Champion Pen of Angus Heifers .  

Angus Australia’s Commercial Supply Chain Manager, Liz Pearson will be in attendance, so if you have any questions relating to Angus Australia or Angus Verified, please catch up with Liz during the sale.     

For more information please contact Liz Pearson M: 0488 758 360 or E: