NH Foods Angus Youth National Roundup Awards and Bursaries presented online

While the unfortunate decision was made to postpone the NH Foods Angus Youth National Roundup in January, Angus Youth and the Angus Foundation still had the pleasure to present a number of the awards and bursaries to Angus Youth members who would have been taking part in the festivities.  

The Stewart Award, Cornell Shield, Angus Australia Business Branding Award,  Intermediate and Senior Bursaries and the Trans-Tasman Travel Bursary were each awarded  during the weeklong social media presentation.  

Angus Australia Breed Development Officer Jake Phillips was pleased that while the Roundup did not go ahead, these members of the industry were still recognised for their achievements.  

“Postponing the NH Foods Angus Youth National Roundup was definitely a difficult decision; however it gave the Roundup Organising Committee great pleasure to be able to present, albeit virtually, a number of the awards and bursaries that were up for offer to Roundup participants and applicants.”  

“It is important that we were able to go ahead and present these awards to their worthy recipients, who each within their own ways are contributing to the development and growth of the Australia beef industry.”  

“Giving these young people the chance to continue their own personal development in the industry, or giving the recognition deserved for their contribution to the Angus Youth program and young people in the industry through the awards presented, is what the Roundup event is all about.”  

Stewart Award – Laura Grubb 

The Stewart Award (previously named the Angus Youth Helper of the Year Award) was commissioned in 2001 to recognise a person that has volunteered a large amount of time to the Angus Youth program.   

The award is named after Bruce and Pat Stewart of Dunlop Park Angus, Tasmania, who over many years have contributed selflessly to the Angus Youth program.   They worked tirelessly behind the scenes and always were there to provide a helping hand and support or guidance to the Angus Youth program.   

In 2021 the Stewart Award was presented to Laura Grubb. Laura has been involved in the Angus Youth program for a number of years, first taking part in the Angus Youth Roundup in Dubbo in 2013. Laura was also the 2013 University of Illinois Scholarship recipient, following her win of the National Judging Competition.    

Since her first foray in Angus Youth, Laura has been involved not only through competing at the Roundup in the years following, but also taking positions on the Roundup Organising Committee, which saw her dedicating her time to assist in the development of Roundup events over the years.    

Furthermore, in 2016 Laura took up the chair position on the inaugural Angus Youth Consultative Committee, which during her multi-year tenure saw her work alongside Angus Australia to provide consultation and representation on behalf of Angus Youth members and assist in providing ideas for youth focused educational and extension activities for consideration within the Angus Australia Marketing, Communications & Youth Operational Plan.   

Laura has also continued assist Angus Youth were possible in unofficial capacities as well, including judging the 2019 Angus Youth National Judging Competition.    


Cornell Shield – Annie Pumpa 

Each year the Cornell Shield is presented to the Chairperson of the Roundup Organising Committee.  The award was commissioned in recognition of David and Kathleen Cornell, and their dedication to the Angus Youth Program in its formative years.   

In 2022 the NH Foods Angus Youth National Roundup Cornell Shield was awarded to Annie Pumpa.  

Annie resides in Tabletop, NSW where she works for ABS Australia as a sales representative for both beef and dairy.  Annie has a long history within the beef industry, having grown up in Culcairn NSW in the Riverina on a family run mixed enterprise operation.  Annie delved into the seedstock sector over the last 10 years through the agriculture program, starting at Billabong High School in 2011.  



Trans-Tasman Travel Bursary – Damien Thomson 

Sponsored by New England Travel Centre and the Angus Australia Foundation, the recipient of the Trans-Tasman Travel Bursary will embark on a trip around New Zealand, visiting Angus studs, commercial operations, feedlots and attend field days and sales. The bursary will involve moving throughout the country experiencing the New Zealand beef industry and the strength of the Angus breed globally.  

In 2022, the Trans-Tasman Travel Bursary was awarded to Damien Thomson of Berremangra, NSW.  Damien has a background in the agricultural industry through his family’s commercial and seedstock Angus operations, where he is involved within the management of the herds.  Damien has studied a Bachelor of Agricultural and Resource Economics.  

Damien has been involved with the Angus Youth program for a number of years, through which he has been awarded the ARCBA Young Breed Leaders Workshop Scholarship, selected for the 2020 GenAngus Future Leaders Program and participated in Beef Australia as an Angus Foundation scholarship recipient.    



Angus Australia Business Branding Award and Intermediate Bursary – Jemima Nugent 

In 2022 Jemima Nugent was awarded the Angus Australia Business Branding Award and the Intermediate Busary.  

Angus Australia’s Business Branding Award was introduced to the Roundup Awards and Bursaries in 2020 and is designed to help an Angus Youth Member either with a business or in the process of starting their own business to create a visual identity for their brand. The recipient of this award receives a branding package.   

The Intermediate Bursary provides the recipient a bursary to attend the Tocal Beef Cattle Assessment Course.  

Jemima grew up on her family’s grazing property at Tarcutta, New South Wales and has always had a keen interest in the beef cattle. She loves being outdoors on the farm and helping with the day-to-day management and operations.  

 Jemima was introduced to showing cattle through her school cattle show team seven years ago and continues to develop her skills and broaden her knowledge within the beef industry. In 2016, she and her siblings started their own small Red Angus stud.  

 Jemima has worked for studs at local and royal shows and sales and has represented her Agricultural Societies Council Group in the state finals of the Beef Cattle Paraders at the Sydney Royal Show. She has also won Grand Champion School Parader at the 2021 Royal Canberra show, Reserve Champion Junior School Parader at the Melbourne Royal Show in 2019 and won the Junior Champion Junior Judging competition at the Charolais Youth Stampede in 2019. Jemima has a passion for photography and wants to combine her passion and interest for the beef industry with her photography skills to help studs showcase and sell their genetics. 





Senior Bursary – Micquella Grima 

Micquella Grima was announced as the recipient of the NH Foods Angus Youth National Roundup Senior Bursary. Each year senior competitors of Roundup are given the opportunity to apply for a bursary to attend the Young Beef Producers Forum (YBPF) in Roma QLD. 

Micquella grew up on a small property in Orchard Hills, NSW and has been showing Stud Beef cattle for nearly 10 years at both regional Ag Shows and at a Royal level for a number of beef producers.  

Micquella is due to commence her second year studies of a Bachelor of Agriculture and a Bachelor of Business majoring in Agribusiness through the University of New England. Once graduating, she intends to pursue a career in either agronomy with a particular emphasis on efficient grazing strategies to improve the resilience and efficiency of farming operations or livestock nutrition and genetics.  

In 2021 she established Hope Hill Cattle Company whilst also managing Donnelly Downs Pastoral Co. with her partner based on a 3000 acre property in Western NSW, specialising in both commercial and stud beef cattle including both purebred and cross bred Angus breeders. In 2021, Micquella was the recipient of the Norman Lethbridge Award through Angus NSW which opened up the opportunity for her to be selected as the Youth Representative for Angus NSW.