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It’s time to nominate bulls for the next round of the Angus Sire Benchmarking program (ASBP) to produce the Cohort 12 progeny.

The joining program will commence in  August 2021, and will involve approximately 2,000 Angus cows across several co-operator herds.

The benefits of bulls entering the ASBP include:

  • Close genetic linkage to the Angus Australia genomics reference population ensures research outcomes will be highly relevance to your herd.
  • Be involved in world leading research in areas such as development of genomic tools, new meat quality traits such as fatty acid profiles and testing for immune competence.
  • Receive high accuracy EBVs, particularly for hard to measure traits such as abattoir carcase data and female reproduction.
  • Receive progeny average values and sire rankings from within the ASBP, including traits such as MSA Index and MSA Marbling Score.
  • Involvement in Australia’s most comprehensive beef cattle progeny test program including large contemporary groups.

30 to 40 bulls will be selected for the 2021 joining program with the aim to join each bull to at least 50 cows by fixed time AI. The bull selection criteria will be based on genetic diversity, breeding values, selection indexes and their relationship to sires already used in the ASBP.

Bull nominations are required before Monday August 2nd, 2021.

For further details on the ASBP and to nominate bulls for Cohort 12 visit the Angus Australia website

For all questions in relation to the nomination process or the ASBP in general please contact Christian Duff, Angus Australia Strategic Projects Manager M: 0457 457 141 or email:

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