The Annual General Meeting of Members of
The Angus Society of Australia (Victoria Affiliated Angus Group)
 will be held on

1.30 pm Wednesday 15th May, 2024

123-125 Tone Road Wangaratta.
Agri-Gene Board Room
and via Zoom Videoconference.

A meeting of the newly formed Angus Victoria Committee will follow at 2pm.

Connection details for online participation in the AGM and/or Committee meeting  will be provided to members on request.

Nominations are open for the position of Chair, Vice-Chair and Committee Member. A member may self-nominate or nominate a fellow member for these positions.  Nominations can be emailed prior to the meeting to and will continue to be received up to the election proceedings.

Should you be unable to attend the AGM and wish to nominate another member to vote on your behalf, please submit a Proxy Form. Proxy Voting Forms must be received by 1.30pm Tuesday 14th May 2024.

Please forward completed Proxy and Nomination forms along with any requests for a videoconference link to the Secretary email below.

Carol Mazurek
Secretary Angus Victoria