Notification of Regulation changes – June 2021

Angus Australia wishes to advise members that at its recent meeting, the Angus Australia Board made some amendments to the Angus Australia Regulations.

Amendment of Regulation 6.25

At its recent meeting, the Angus Australia Board amended Regulation 6.44 to remove the need to include flush reports, as follows:


In addition to the general requirements for registration, the following points apply to the registration of calves bred by embryo transplant (ET calves):

(i)     Identification of the donor dam and the sire,
(ii)    Identification, breed code and year of birth of recipient dam,
(iii)   Date of embryo transplant (implant),
(iv)   For calves recorded in the HBR, APR, ACR or MBR, if the donor dam is born on or after 1/1/2004, a DNA profile for the donor dam will normally be required to be recorded with the Society.
(v)       If the donor dam is born on or after 1/1/2018, the DNA profile must be a SNP profile with a minimum of 5,000 SNPs.

Amendment to Regulation 6.44

At its recent meeting, the Angus Australia Board amended Regulation 6.44 to streamline the registration process for animals recorded with another Breed Association (e.g. sires being imported from overseas), as follows:


An application for registration of an animal recorded with another breed association in the HBR, APR or MBR must normally include:

(i)        name of the animal,
(ii)       unique identification number
(iii)      registration number recorded with other breed association,
(iv)      three generation pedigree,
(v)       date of birth,
(vi)      country of birth,
(vii)     evidence that the animal is recorded with the other breed association,
(viii)    evidence of the animal’s recorded status with the other breed association for any genetic conditions monitored by the Society,
(ix)      a letter of authorisation from the current owner of the animal with the other breed association; and
(x)       a tissue, semen or hair sample for DNA testing at a Society approved laboratory.

In addition, the registration fee for animals registered with another society/overseas will be increased from $110.00 (incl GST) to $165.00 (incl GST) which would include the cost of DNA testing.