Paddock Talk is a quarterly update on topical points of interest happening in the Angus cattle industry. The quarterly update is a short form update on cattle and beef markets, the most up to date weather and climate forecast and a summary of topics discussed with Angus members at various industry events with a particular focus on breeding and genetics.   

Paddock Talk is the perfect insight to take in over a cup of coffee once a quarter and provides you with further links to learn more about the topics raised or mentioned. The communication is intended to be engaging, giving members the opportunity to contact extension staff if there are points of interest or further education required around the tools and resources Angus Australia offers Angus cattle breeders.   

Once again, we have an update from Simon Quilty from Global AgriTrends looking at the latest beef and cattle markets and forecast from a worldwide perspective, as well as a weather forecast from the Bureau of Meteorology looking at the main growing areas where Angus cattle are grazed.   

This edition of Paddock Talk also has a session with Livestock Genetics Representative for PGG Wrightson, NZ, Emma Pollitt.  Emma has joined Paddock Talk to provide some insight into current conditions in New Zealand, a market update for the country and the impacts that the industry is seeing.  

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