Image and Sensor Technologies to Categorize Mobility in Beef Cattle Project

The University of New England in collaboration with Angus Australia and Meat and Livestock Australia will be running a project to investigate the application of image and sensor technologies to categorize structural soundness in beef cattle. 

 This project aims to investigate the feasibility of using image and sensor data analysis to define new objective measure of structural traits in Australian beef cattle. The outcome of this project can help farmers to breed for cattle with better structural soundness which in turn will improve animal welfare and the efficiency of beef cattle breeding programs in Australia.  

 A PhD position is available for an enthusiastic student to work as part of this project. The successful applicant will have the opportunity to work in a multi-disciplinary project and develop complementary skills in animal genetics and genomics, computer programming and animal biomechanics. Candidates with a background in animal science, computer science and/or veterinary biomechanics are encouraged to apply. 

 To learn more about this position please visit the University of New England website. For enquiries, please contact Dr Hassan Aliloo - or Professor Sam Clark -