Publication of Results from Angus BREEDPLAN

Members are advised of some changes to the manner in which results are published from Angus BREEDPLAN.

The changes will come into effect in the upcoming January 2020 analysis, with results from this analysis scheduled to be available in the coming days.

1.  Introduction of New Reports

As part of Angus Australia’s software development initiative, the files made available for download from the members area on the Angus Australia website have been re-developed.

After each analysis, each member will now be able to download:

  • Herd EBV Report – available as a pdf document, this report contains the EBVs for sires, dams and calves in the member’s herd.
  • Exclusions Report – available as a pdf document, this report contains a summary of any performance and genomic information from the member’s herd that has been excluded from the genetic evaluation.
  • Genetic Benchmarking Report – available as a pdf document, this report provides information enabling the member to evaluate and benchmark the genetic improvements in their seedstock breeding enterprise against other Angus seedstock enterprises within Australia.
  • EBV_EXTENDED file – available for download in csv format, this file contains the EBVs for all animals that have been bred in the member’s herd, or are currently in the member’s ownership, across all years. This file can be imported into generic spreadsheet programs like Microsoft Excel, or compatible herd recording software programs like Sapien, Stockbook or HerdMASTER.

Hard copies of the reports are available upon request from the Member Services team.

2. Change to Title of Genetic Evaluation

Rather than the current title of “Angus BREEDPLAN”, the analysis will now be titled the “TransTasman Angus Cattle Evaluation” or “TACE”.

It is important to note that the change in title does not reflect any change to the analytical software. The EBVs that are published will still be calculated using BREEDPLAN analytical software.

In association with the change in title, a new logo is available. Electronic copies of the new logo in a form suitable for use in marketing materials (e.g. sale catalogues, advertisements) are available for download from the Angus Australia website, or from the links below.


Further Information

To further discuss the changes to the manner in which results are published from Angus BREEDPLAN, please contact either Angus Australia’s Breed Development & Extension Manager, Andrew Byrne, on (02) 6773 4618 or, or Senior Member Services Manager, Nicky Carey, on (02) 6773 4600, or