Please note, the Angus Australia catalogue service is experiencing high requests for our catalogue services and we are processing catalogues on a first in first served basis upon receival of all information.  Members are reminded that for Customised and Full Design catalogues, once your request form and all information required to produce your catalogue is received, it is then scheduled at our next availability for processing.  Please allow for the advised at least 10 working days for your catalogue to be processed.

For members with Standard catalogues, these will be turned around within 3 days, provided all required information is received and animal registrations are in order.

Understanding that we are in a peak production period in the lead up to Autumn sales, we recommend to all members looking to use the Angus Australia sale catalogue service that they provide the necessary information for their catalogue with ample time prior to their desired TACE run. Any animals listed that are pending registration or are unregistered, this will cause delays with your catalogue being listed online and will also cause delays in scheduling your Customised and Full Design catalogue for production.

Helpful HINT: It is recommended that members provide catalogue information at least 7 days prior to the relevant TACE run to ensure that your catalogue is produced within the 10 working day period advised for catalogue production.

If members are requiring an Angus Australia Catalogue Request form, it can be accessed HERE.

If members are requiring the excel spreadsheet for entering lots, it can be accessed HERE.

If members are requiring the Catalogue Service Agreement, it can be accessed HERE.

Angus Australia understands the importance of your catalogue come sale day and are working to ensure all catalogues are completed in the desired timeframes.  This advice is to assist members ensure catalogues are produced on-time during these peak production and sale periods.

For all catalogue enquiries please contact