Successful Roundup held in Wodonga

The 2018 Thomas Foods International Angus Youth Roundup took place in Wodonga from the 11th to the 14th of January 2018.

Held over 4 days, the Roundup attracted 145 participants from ages 8 to 25 with all levels of cattle experience and provided both a learning and fun experience for all.

The educational sessions were delivered by experts in the industry & included topics such as halter making, junior judging, livestock marketing as well genetic selection.

The competitions at the event included the Paraders classes, Junior Judging & Herdsperson competitions.

The Special Dinner Dance was held on the Saturday night with 340 people in attendance. Thank-you to Sam Hunter for leading the auction which raised $21,000 for Angus Youth.

Featured lots in the auction included several elite embryo and semen packages, mystery items and artworks as well as a diverse range of items featured in the silent auction.

The Roundup is supported by Thomas Foods International, Angus Youth and Angus Australia, however, the event is coordinated by a young and enthusiastic committee who volunteer their time to ensure the success of this annual event. This year’s committee went above and beyond the usual call of duty to ensure that the 2018 Roundup was successful and professional.

2018 Roundup Results

2018 Trans-Tasman Exchange:  Steph Frankham

Bulliac Studmaster Award – Sarah Nesbit

Waitara Angus National All Breeds Heifer Show Award – Robert Neil

Blackstone Angus SA Junior Heifer Expo Award – Chloe Beaumont

Merridale Angus Most Aspiring Breeder Award: Sam Parish

Matthew George Citizenship Award: Lochie McLauchlan

David and Kathleen Cornell Shield: Murk Schoen

EJ Angus Encouragement Award: Hannah Cargill

Champion Senior’s Awards: Hannah Powe and Steph Frankham

Intermediate Champion Junior Judge Award: Will Kosch

Dalwhinnie Promising Young Angus Breeder Award – Monique Estrada

Champion Team: Geelong

Best Maintained Stall: Goondoola

Best Presented Animal: Lauchie McLauchlan

Champion Pee Wee: Thomas Duddy
Reserve Champion Pee Wee: Jack Robson
3rd: Josie Porter
4th: Jayde Grylls
5th: Matthew Vosper
Encouragement Awards: Thomas Bond & Mason Ballintine

Champion Junior: Lochie McLauchlan
Reserve Junior Champion: Benjamin Duddy
3rd: Abby Male
4th: Caitlin Porter
5th: Hayden Hanson
Encouragement Awards: Casey Halliday & Monique Gapes

Champion Intermediate: Georgia Laurie
Reserve Intermediate Champion: Sam Parish
3rd: Erica Bayliss
4th: Hamish Branson
5th: Ryan Carpenter
Encouragement Awards: Benn Reid & Walter Wilson

Champion Seniors: Steph Frankham
Reserve Senior Champion: Hannah Powe
3rd: Bethany Bayliss
4th: Rachel Relf
5th: Marshall Arnonld
Encouragement Awards: Clayton Ray & Cameron Baker

Grand Champion: Lilli Stewart

Champion Pee Wee: Thomas Duddy
Reserve Champion Pee Wee: Edward Maclure
3rd: Clayton Porter
4th: Zanna Spence
5th: Abby Llewellen

Champion Junior: Caitlin Porter
Reserve Junior Champion: Hayden Hanson
3rd: Brock Ballintine
4th: Benjamin Duddy
5th: Trinity McInnes

Champion Intermediate: Will Kosch
Reserve Intermediate Champion: Sam Parish
3rd: Annabelle Seaton-Cooper
4th: Benn Reid
5th: Grace Neeves
6th: Lilli Stewart

Champion Seniors: Hannah Powe
Reserve Senior Champion: Bethany Bayliss
3rd: Alexander Chester
4th: Mathew Porter
5th: Sarah Nesbitt

Grand Champion: Hannah Powe

Champion Pee Wee: Thomas Duddy
Reserve Champion Pee Wee:Abby Llewellyn

Champion Junior: Lochie McLauchlan
Reserve Junior Champion: Caitlin Porter

Champion Intermediate: Tiffany McLauchlan
Reserve Intermediate Champion: Sam Parish

Champion Seniors: Hannah Powe
Reserve Senior Champion: Clayton Ray

Grand Champion: Lochie McLauchlan