The Next Generation looking to lead

The beef industry is in good hands if the group of young beef industry professionals that attended the recent GenAngus Future Leaders Program, proudly supported by Achmea Australia, is the yardstick for measuring future success.

After eighteen months of delays, both the 2020 and 2021 cohorts of the GenAngus Future Leaders Program were finally able to attend, albeit via ZOOM, the highly anticipated program, as they look to start their own business or further develop a business.

The program was designed to challenge the participants business perceptions, increase their knowledge and confidence and inspire them to put into practice the outcomes they gained from the event.

The opportunity to participate in the inaugural event was extended to:

CLASS OF 2021 –  

Amber Clark, Kempsey, NSW
Tim Finger, Mansfield, Vic
Rebecca George, Nevertire, NSW
Dayna Gray, Lochaber, SA
Jasmin Green, Uranquinty, NSW
Edwina Hall, Fllinders Island, Tas
Chris Metcalf, Maypeaks, WA
Liam Mowbray, Barrington, NSW
Ellenor Nixon, Merriwa NSW
Jamie Pepper, Tahara, Vic
Angus Pilmore, Gobbagombalin, NSW

CLASS OF 2020 –  

Brodie Collins, Tennyson, Vic
Katie Fisher, Wallarobba, NSW
Hugh McKay, Yea, Vic
Ellenor Nixon, Merriwa, NSW
Alkira Riley, Koonwarra, Vic
Rebecca Rundell, Branxholme, Vic
Damien Thomson, Berremangra, NSW
Lachlan Woods, Estella, NSW

Presentations were made by:

  • Pete Clark – 21 Whispers: Pete gave a stirring presentation on the power of the mind and the ability we have to control it if we train to do so. The attendees were given the chance to think laterally and learn about how their mindset influences what we see as well as other key messages such as trying to envisage seeing both sides of difficult situations and keeping focused on the gains, not the gaps in our challenges.
  • Diana Wood – Angus Australia: Diana provided an oversight to branding, what sets us apart, how colours and themes and consistency can influence a customers perception and some key notes on defining who you are as a business. Diana encouraged everyone to know your core business, identify what set your apart, research your competitors and the market and to always focus on quality. Diana also reminded attendees it is never to early to start your marketing plan.
  • Deanna Lush – Agcommunicators: Deanna was able to join the GenAngus program through the Livestock Collective. Deanna took a deep dive into shared values communication and techniques on how to establish common ground with your customers, the community and even segments of the community that are largely against what we do and how we do it. Deanna’s session challenged the participants to think critically and be open minded when having conversations or communicating their business news to the world.
  • Tim Gentle – Think Digital: Tim was able to showcase the latest virtual reality and augmented reality tools available to industry and where they might fit in showcasing businesses through to individual animals. Attendees got to build 360 ⁰ photos and videos and learnt techniques Tim has used this technology yo help showcase the beef and lamb supply chain for industry and private businesses all over the world.
  • Richard Officer – Achmea Australia: Richard brought some real world perspective and palpable examples of how insurance and risk mitigation is a critical part of business , particularly in agriculture. Richard was able to use a game show to break down some knowledge barriers and start the attendees conversations about how they mitigate risk in their business and highlight steps to take to ensure their business and family are covered when unexpected situations arise. Richard instilled in the group that risk isn’t always negative, risk is often an opportunity.
  • Francis English – Rabobank: Francis provided a wealth of knowledge to attendees on finance fundamentals for young farmers. Francis’s approach resonated with attendees who were provided with advice around the importance of accurate book keeping and finance management , relationships with bankers, lawyers and accountants. Francis also outlined his methodology to helping clients succeed in their financial goals which are based on the 5 C’s which stand for cash flow, collateral, capital, condition & character . Francis also encouraged attendees to find the people and professions that will help them in business and indeed in life and get them on their team by bringing them into the circle, a close knit group of contacts working together.
  • Simon Quility – Global Agritrends: Simon had attendees hanging on every word of his presentation about the ebbs and flows of the world protein market and in particular Australian Beef. Simon provided candid and valuable insight into the similarities the Australian beef industry currently has with the 1970’s but also why he feels that the current time is going to be the “golden era” for beef based on world supply decreasing, Australian supply increasing and the world demanding more quality, which positions Australia with an enormous opportunity. Simon also shared data and views from leaders around the world on the African Swine Fever situation in China and other countries as well as the predicted exponential growth of Aquaculture in some markets.
  • Matt Reynolds – Angus Australia: Matt produced a series of key messages that challenged the group to focus on being objective with their comparison of genetics, to focus on developing a breeding objective and to focus on what the limiting factor for production is in particular animals and indeed herds. Attendees soon became focused on their own herd goals and selection criteria as each of the attendees breeding objective was discussed and dismantled to reveal which was objective and which was subjective and where the right path to success was more likely going to be.
  • Heidi Wright – Wright Social: Heidi was able to present to the group on behalf of the Livestock Collective. Heidi gave an inspirational session on all things social media. Heidi covered the dos, the don’ts, the must haves and the best in class advice for business using the world of Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter to engage with customers and followers around the world. Heidi challenged the group to define their goals and what they wanted to achieve, to define their target audience and imagine what that audience will resonate with and finally to craft the message to generate genuine engagement with the audience.
  • Angus Street – Auctions Plus: Angus is the CEO of Auctions Plus, Australia’s largest online marketplace for selling livestock. Angus provided the group with candid and personal insight into the success of the business based on values, culture and having the right people. Angus also challenged the group that growth and comfort don’t coexist and that thinking digitally needs to be a foundation pillar of businesses going forward. The attendees were totally inspired by Angus’s presentation and felt an emotive connection to Angus who laid much of his own life lessons on the table for the benefit of the group.
  • Holly Ludeman – The Livestock Collective: Holly is the founder of the Livestock Collective who is a group of industry representatives who provide advocacy and insight into the supply chains of animals in Australia. Holly has been at the leading edge of busting myths and conspiracy around live export, transport, animal welfare and processing of livestock by showcasing the enormous positive and proactive approach the Australian industry takes to be the best in class. Holly shared her personal journey from becoming a vet and auditing the live export supply chains, to taking film crews on live export boats to capture real footage through to now heading up the Livestock Collective which facilitates the agricultural industry to share their story and provide consumers with real life examples of the great job Australian farmers do.
  • Jess Cavanagh and Steven Mirtshin – Proagtive: Jess and Steve provided candid insight into the often-contentious dilemma of succession planning by providing valuable information on the key components to successful succession planning. The attendees were able to have open and honest discussions as a group with Jess and Steve able to provide thought provoking insight into how best practice succession planning works, what’s required and the most appropriate time frames to monitor to ensure the best result can be achieved for all interested parties.

The GenAngus Future Leadears Program was facilitated by Milly Nolan from the Livestock Collective. 

It is hoped that in the new year that Angus Australia and Achmea Australia will be able to host a face to face component for these future leaders to allow them to make personal contact with their peers and many of the presenters to allow them to further develop their industry contacts and network with like minded individuals that they can turn to when looking for inspiration.