There is nothing more satisfying as an Angus cattle producer than seeing the end product on a plate and the Verified Black Angus Beef BBQ competition was designed to bring all facets of the supply chain together from the producer to the brand owner, the people preparing the beef and the consumer.

This competition is unique in that it is not only an all-beef competition, but an all Verified Black Angus Beef BBQ competition and that the pitmasters get to interact directly with the public, show them how they prepare the beef and serve them directly.

During the competition we asked the pitmasters what they enjoyed most about the event and why they like cooking with Angus beef.

The main comments made were how much they enjoyed cooking and serving Angus beef to the producers that have gone to so much effort to raise the cattle and when it comes to ‘Why Angus’? you better watch the video!

But when you have beef to cook from Verified Black Angus Beef Brands, NH Foods Australia’s Angus Reserve, Jack’s Creek Black Angus and Macka’s Australian Black Angus Beef, the answer is inevitable!

Thank you – Verified Black Angus Beef BBQ Sponsors

The Verified Black Angus Beef BBQ Competition could not have been the success it was without the support of its sponsors. READ MORE




A starring role for Verified Black Angus Beef

The Verified Black Angus Beef BBQ competition was hosted at the Angus Australia office demonstrating the full paddock to palate experience for consumers and allowing Angus producers to experience first-hand preparation of the premium Angus product they contribute to. READ MORE