Time to think about collecting mature cow traits

With weaning on the horizon, it is worth thinking about whether the collection of performance measurements for some of the mature cow traits could add value to your breeding program. 

Angus Australia has recently released as a number of short videos which cover the collection of performance information for mature cow traits. These traits can be collected of mature cows during weaning, at the same time as 200 day and docility scores are collected for their calves.  

The videos cover:  

The collection of performance information for these traits contributes directly to the Mature Cow Weight EBV routinely published on Angus animals, along with the Research Breeding Values for Mature Cow Height and Mature Cow Body Condition. This means breeders looking to have RBVs calculated for animals within their herd can submit the performance measurements to Angus Australia, and then access RBVs for their animals after the next fortnightly TransTasman Angus Cattle Evaluation from angus.tech.  

 Short videos have also been produced on collecting 200 day weights and docility scores to support breeders in the collection of the traits.  

 For further information on the collection of performance information visit the Angus Education Centre or contact one of Angus Australia’s Breed Development Officer team. 

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