Upcoming Changes to EBV’s Explained at Angus CONNECT – TACE Enhancements 

Following the announcement that a number of significant enhancements will shortly be made to the calculation of Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs) for Angus cattle in Australia and New Zealand, Angus Australia will be hosting Angus CONNECT – TACE Enhancements on Wednesday November 16. 

The enhancements form part of the annual updates that Angus Australia makes to the TransTasman Angus Cattle Evaluation and are scheduled for implementation in the December 2022 analysis. 

Angus CONNECT – TACE Enhancements will be presented as a webinar that will provide information to members regarding the upcoming TACE enhancements, as well as an opportunity for members to join in discussion with Angus Australia staff regarding the updates.   

The event will cover the following important topics from Angus Australia staff and invited guests: 

Introduction to Angus CONNECT – Jake Phillips 
Introduction to Annual TACE Enhancements – Christian Duff
Enhancement 1: New Variance Components – Dr Steve Miller and Andrew Byrne
Discussion & Questions – Jake Phillips & Jen Peart
Enhancement 2: New algorithm for calculating EBV Accuracies (TBLUP) – Dr Andrew Swann
Enhancement 3: New software for Docility EBVs – Andrew Byrne
Enhancement 4: Publication of Leg Angle EBVs – Andrew Byrne
Enhancement 5: Publication of ImmuneDEX RBVs for genotyped animals – Andrew Byrne
Other Enhancement 6 & 7: Maintenance of genomic pipeline / Changes to importation of Red Angus EPDs – Andrew Byrne
Discussion & Questions – Jake Phillips / Jen Peart  

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Enhancements to TACE 

The enhancements scheduled for implementation in 2022 are focussed on providing Angus breeders with the tools to make more accurate selection decisions from the availability of next generation breeding values, particularly for the EBVs related to carcase weight, quality and yield, while also introducing evaluation efficiencies that will ensure the long-term viability of the genetic evaluation.  In addition to these enhancements breeders will also have access to new EBVs on animals as well as EBVs becoming available on more animals than previous. LEARN MORE