Updates to the Angus Australia Android Functionality

Angus Australia members utilising the Android Angus Australia App will be aware of technical difficulties that have caused the App to be unusable for some time.  These technical difficulties have been unable to be resolved by Angus Australia developers despite much time and expertise, and Angus Australia understands the inconvenience caused to members.   

In order to provide a solution to this issue for both Android and Apple iPhone users, Angus Australia developers are pleased to provide a webpage which can be installed as a Shortcut on both types of devices.  This Shortcut should provide members and users the same functionality as the previous Angus Australia App. 

In order to support members in their installation of the Shortcut to their devices, a short instructional video has been developed.   


Should members have any issues regarding the installation of this Shortcut, we encourage them to contact the Angus Australia Office for assistance.  Whilst Angus Australia understands the inconvenience this issue has caused our members over this time, we trust that this will give members the access they require to search for animals in a quick and efficient way.   

For assistance, please contact the Angus Australia Officer at office@angusaustralia.com.au or on (02) 6773 6400.