Using the Mating Predictor across the herd

With spring fast approaching breeders will be considering their breeding decisions for the season ahead, reviewing past decisions and the potential of new bulls into the breeding program.

With Angus.Tech and the mating predictor breeders can now examine the impact of a bull across their whole herd, offering a powerful glimpse into a breeding decision.



The mating predictor is limited to 250 results at a time, which can be achieved a number of ways from 5 bulls over 50 cows (5 x 50 = 250) or 1 bull over 250 cows (1 x 250 = 250 250).

To examine a breeding decision across the herd;

1. From the Angus Australia homepage angusaustralia, select Mating Predictor from the Tools menu at the top of the page. Users will need to be registered users of Angus.Tech to access the Mating Predictor.

Within Angus.Tech the mating predictor can also be found under the Tools tab.


2. Enter the Animal ID of the sires you wish to use in the mating prediction in the box beside Sire Identifier(s).

Place a comma between Animal IDs to use multiple sires in the prediction (e.g. MSOB15, MSOK17, MSOX1).

3. To examine the whole cow herd users can either upload a list of dam IDs or alternatively use the dam selection criteria to identify the cows based on the selection criteria This may include females within your ownership or animals on your female inventory, with the dam calving year (s) available to refine the list to particular year drops.

4. Select ‘Search’ once all animals have bee identified.

5. The mating predictor will generate a mating prediction for each of the possible matings you proposed and display the inbreeding coefficient and expect average progeny EBVs. The results can be printed using the report centre in the same way as Angus Database Search

  • Refer to Printing Results from Tech for further information on using the report centre.


Members of Angus Australia wanting to examine mating allocations in further detail are encouraged to consider MateSel. MateSel is a tool that enables breeders to optimise breeding outcomes by creating a suggested mating list based on a group of candidate sires and dams.

For further information contact staff at Angus Australia on (02) 6773 4600 or