Verified Black Angus Beef tops 2020 Royal Queensland Food & Wine Show

It was triumph at the recent 2020 Royal Queensland Food and Wine Show for Verified Black Angus Beef brand, Angus Reserve.

NH Foods Australia took out champion MSA Branded Beef with their Angus Reserve product, in addition to a Gold Medal in the grain fed class.

The cut in the spotlight during the lunchtime presentation, which took place Tuesday July 14 at the RNA Showgrounds, Brisbane, was a whole striploin from a 150-day grain fed Angus animal. Judging for the event took place on July 6th and 7th.

The win, which follows Angus Reserve being medallists in 2018 and 2019 and narrowly missing a win in 2016, was achieved with a total point score of 81 points.

Winning this award is an excellent highlight for Angus Reserve, as the Royal Queensland Food and Wine Show Branded Beef competition calls for a showcase of the best beef in the country.

Angus Reserve representative Mr Stephen Moy, Group Livestock Manager for NH Foods Australia, said that the win cements Angus Reserves’ reputation as a premium quality brand.

“Our brand reputation is built on two strong foundations – quality and taste – so for the judges to award us the Champion MSA Graded Branded Beef of show is testament to that.

“To become Australia’s largest Verified Black Angus Beef brand takes dedication, and with over 40 years’ experience in the local industry, consumers are very pleased with the consistency of our product which is achieved through the vertical integration of our feedlot (Whyalla Beef, Texas, QLD) and processing plant (Oakey Beef Exports, Oakey, QLD).

“We source all our black Angus for the Angus Reserve brand from across the east coast of Australia, and we are continually looking for additional suppliers to become part of this award-winning program.”

Angus Reserve is independently verified by Angus Australia through the Angus Brand Verification Program.  NH Foods Australia work closely with Angus Australia, as the representative of all Australian Angus farmers, to ensure integrity and truth in labelling and confidence for the consumers that their brand is verifiably ‘Angus’.

Angus Australia Commercial Supply Chain Manager Liz Pearson congratulates Angus Reserve on their achievement.

“It is excellent to see a Verified Black Angus beef brand achieve this result in such a prestigious competition, and we congratulate NH Foods Australia in their win with Angus Reserve.”

“This win is a testament of the excellent eating quality of Angus beef, being showcased coming out on top against some of the best beef from around the country.”

“We would encourage Angus breeders who are looking to become an integral part of the value chain of such a successful verified brand to contact NH Foods directly or through your preferred agent”

Top image: Charles Green, Grant Coleman and Tony Fitzgerald from NH Foods Australia