Want to support the future of the beef industry in 2024?

The Angus Foundation is once again asking for members to consider donating the proceeds of an animal or genetic lot they are selling during 2024 to ensure the Foundation can continue to provide opportunities that will accelerate and enhance the Angus breed into the future.

During 2023 $56,000 was raised from the proceeds of heifers sold at the final on property sale for Dulverton Angus and the Knowla Livestock Sale. This is on top of proceeds raised from the Voluntary Foundation Levy and Angus National Conference Auction. 

 When interviewed following the sale of their Foundation heifer, Knowla Livestock co principal James Laurie stated that the proceeds of their heifer were going to the Angus Foundation with the means to establish an overseas scholarship, and highlighted that hopefully this heifer may find a way to again support the Angus Foundation down the line.  

 “It’s been a great thing and if you talk to Jason Strong (co purchaser), and I’ve known him a long time, he was keen to get back and support it (the Angus Foundation) because he was a recipient of the Illinois scholarship back in the day. We’ve got young people coming through at the moment that are really benefiting from the Angus Foundation, so we are really proud to get behind and support it.”  

Cooper Clarke of Northwest Pastoral Angus, the winning bidder for the Knowla heifer saw her as a standout, with the contribution to the Angus Foundation a bonus.
“With the money for the purchase going to a good cause, making opportunities potentially for me in the future going down the path with Angus, it’s something I really look forward to in the future and it builds our operation at home.”

Someone with a deep understanding of the impact opportunities provided through the Angus Foundation and its benefactors is Angus Australia President and Board Chairperson Erica Halliday, who herself was a product of the Angus Youth program and a beneficiary of scholarship opportunities afforded through the program.

“This were very generous offers from the Laurie family and Dulverton Angus.

“The reason that they are donating to the Foundation is for Angus Youth and for all the programs and the scholarships, awards and bursaries that they conduct every year. People like Greg Chappell, Jason Strong and myself have all been part of those programs.”

Touching on the reach and impact of the opportunities provided through the Angus Foundation, Erica continued, “At the ‘Beyond the Beef’ Zoetis Angus National Conference earlier this year, we actually had a panel of both people that had won scholarships, awards and bursaries in the past or been a part of Angus Youth and it was mind blowing. They were the most creative, inspirational young people and this is what we’re raising the money for, to get young people back into the beef industry and keep doing all the great things that they’re doing.”

For more information on the opportunity to support the Angus Foundation by the donation of an animal or genetic lot (proceeds), please contact Angus Australia Extension and Youth Manager, Jake Phillips 0401 261 217 jake.phillips@angusaustralia.com.au. 


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