The Verified Black Angus Beef BBQ Competition is open to all featuring the best Angus barbequed beef supplied by the Verified Black Angus beef brands NH Foods Australia Angus Reserve, Jacks Creek Black Angus and Mackas Australian Black Angus Beef.   

Angus Reserve 

NH Foods Australia flagship Verified Black Angus Beef brand, Angus Reserve is grain finished at Whyalla Beef and Bective Feedlots and processed and MSA graded at Oakey Beef Exports and Wingham Beef Exports. Angus Reserve caters for a variety of domestic and international markets including China, the EU, South-East Asia, and the UAE. With a range of marbling scores up to 5+, the award-winning Angus Reserve is unmatched for taste, guaranteed for tenderness, and full of flavour. 



Jacks Creek Black Angus 

With up to a 3+ marble score, Jack’s Creeks pure black Angus beef, grainfed for 150 days, is renowned for its consistently exceptional eating quality. Unleashing big flavour every time – guaranteed. 




Macka’s Australian Black Angus Beef 

Macka’s Australian Black Angus Beef is grass fed and grain finished, with no antibiotics or added hormones. Mackas beef boasts superior quality with a finely marbled, firm texture and even fat cover, accompanied by Macka’s guarantee to exceed expectations for premium quality beef.