Welcome aboard to the new Angus Youth Consultative Committee

Angus Youth Australia is pleased to announce the appointment of the revised Angus Youth Consultative Committee.  

Working with current committee chair Murk Schoen the new members include, Monique Estrada, Ruby Canning, Jack Laurie, Samuel Finlayson and Rebecca George, whom will work alongside the Angus Australia Youth Development Officer to provide consultation and representation on behalf of Angus Youth members, and assist in providing ideas for youth focused educational and extension activities for consideration within the Angus Australia Marketing, Communications & Youth Operational Plan. 

The newly instated committee will continue the hard work of the outgoing committee members Laura Grubb, Hannah Powe and James Knight. 

Angus Australia Youth Development Officer Candice Liddle looks forward to collaborating with the new committee in order to continue to progress the Angus Youth program with their guidance and support. 

“The most important part of the Angus Youth program is ensuring that the young members of the beef industry are afforded the best resources and opportunities to broaden their knowledge and understanding within the industry,” Mrs Liddle said. 

“Through their roles as members of the Angus Youth Consultative Committee, each new committee member will work as a representative for the wider Angus Youth committee to ensure that decisions made are within the best interest and for the development of each person involved in the program. 

“I really look forward to working with Monique, Ruby, Jack, Sam and Becca to continue the work of their predecessors, and also greatly acknowledge the hard work and dedication of the outgoing committee whom I had the pleasure of working with.” 



Learn more about the Angus Youth Consultative Committee members: 



Monique Estrada

Monique is the most recent Angus Australia University of Illinois Scholar, after winning the 2019 Angus Youth National Judging Competition and has just recently returned from the US.

Monique wants to see Angus Youth continue to be the benchmark for youth development across the World and would like to see it continue to nurture and foster a love and passion for the beef industry and Angus breed among young beef breeders.

Rebecca George

Becca is the most recent recipient of the Kansas State University Scholarship.

Becca believes that by giving Angus Youth members opportunities & resources to further their understanding of technology & current production systems, they can encourage independent thinking that can help the beef industry grow into the future.

Ruby Canning

Ruby has been involved with the Angus Youth program for many years and was fortunate to attend the inaugural GenAngus Future Leaders program in 2019.

Ruby believes that Angus Australia have by far the most developed and engaging youth program in Australia and would love to see this expanded to working with international organisations through online platforms to expand the education opportunities for young cattle breeders.

Jack Laurie

Jack has a long history with the Angus breed and has attended 11 Angus Youth National Roundups.

Jack believes that further programs in the northern parts of Australia should be a key aspect of the Angus Youth Program moving forward, along with more programs for the 18+ age group in commercial settings for livestock breeding.

Sam Finlayson

Sam was awarded one of the LiveExchange scholarships in 2019 and was due to attend the 2020 GenAngus Future Leaders Program

With a background in Verified Black Angus branded beef and through working with importers predominantly in Asia, Sam has a vision to bridge the gap between to allow Angus Youth members to experience the reach and scope of the Angus breed both domestically and abroad.