Where are they now? – Dee George

We caught up with former Angus Youth member Dee George to see what she is up to now, and how Angus Youth affected her development in the industry.

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What is your earliest memory participating in Angus Youth activities?

My earliest memory is my first Angus Youth Roundup at Gunnedah in 2005. My next-door neighbour Steve Chase introduced myself and younger sister Rebecca to cattle showing and Angus Youth.

What activity/event stands out to you the most (eg Roundup, scholarships etc)?

I think all of the Youth events and scholarships that Angus Australia have are standouts, but if I had to pick one I’d say Roundup is my favourite, both as a competitor and now as someone who has been involved in the committees.

I think it’s such a great event as it brings together the practical skills for both stud and commercial parts of owning cattle, as well as the showing side of stud cattle.

It also allows the Youth members the opportunity to apply for some great scholarships.

In terms of opportunities that you received for being part of Angus Youth, how did your involvement positively influence your development in the beef cattle industry?  

The opportunities I have received as a part of Angus Youth have helped me develop many of the professional skills that I use in my job daily. The scholarships and programs also allowed me to attend events and engage with people I may not have had the opportunity to otherwise and gave me further insight and understanding into an industry I am very passionate about.

What were the key learnings you developed as a member of Angus Youth, through the program and then the additional scholarship experiences that you had?  

These programs and scholarships allowed me to learn more about commercial Angus operations, genetics and how other breeders run their programs.

How are you involved in the beef cattle industry now/where are you now?

I am currently working for Elders in Nyngan, NSW, as a Rural Products Sales Manager.  I have been with Elders for 6 years and in that time have been able to maintain my involvement in the beef industry. I have also recently made the move closer to home after being based in the western districts of Victoria, which allows me to also be at home on the farm with my parents and sister and become involved again with our commercial beef operation.

Why would you encourage others to become involved in the Angus Youth Program?  

The Angus Youth Program gives you so many opportunities, through scholarships and Roundup, to develop lifelong skills (both personal and professional).  You make lifelong friends and contacts and the experiences you gain from the scholarship opportunities are amazing.

Feature Image: Kate Farlie, Rachael Wheeler and Dee George at Beef Australia 2012.

Dee George & Becca George at the 2020 Angus Youth National Roundup dinner. Image: Emily H Photography