Where are they now? – Donna Robson

Over the last couple of months we have been looking back at Angus Youth and seeing where they are now!

We caught up with former Angus Youth member Donna Robson to see what she is up to now, and how Angus Youth affected her development in the industry.

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What is your earliest memory participating in Angus Youth activities?

My earliest memory participating in Angus Youth activities was at the New England Angus Breeders (NEAB) Junior Show that was held in conjunction with the NEAB Bull Sale at Tamworth.

What activity/event stands out to you the most (eg Roundup, leadership clinic, scholarships etc)?

Winning the National Judging Final at Wodonga which gave me the opportunity to attend the University of Illinois. The Illinois Scholarship gave the opportunity to study and gain exposure to beef production and processing systems in the US. Participating on the Meat & Livestock judging teams was also a unique experience and one that we don’t get to do at the same level here in Australia.

In terms of opportunities that you received for being part of Angus Youth, how did your involvement positively influence your development in the beef cattle industry?

Many of the beef industry leaders today have at some point been involved with the Angus Youth program. My involvement with Angus Youth allowed me to meet different people from various backgrounds within the beef industry. This network of contacts, along with the experiences and knowledge I gained by being involved with Angus Youth, helped me to start my career in the beef industry.

What were the key learnings you developed as a member of Angus Youth, through the program and then the additional scholarship experiences that you had?

As a member of Angus Youth, I participated at many junior shows. Over the years I was involved with the Youth program as an Ambassador, Management Committee member, Scholarship recipient and Roundup Coordinator. The Youth program definitely helps to develop important life skills  such as organisational, communication and teamwork skills. My position as Roundup Coordinator, gave me a greater appreciation of what is involved in organising an event for youth members.

My experiences with Angus Youth encouraged me to make the most of every opportunity that comes your way to try new things and meet new people.

How are you involved in the beef cattle industry now/ where are you now?

After completing a Rural Science degree, I worked as an MSA grader and then as a Meat Industry consultant for Food Science Australia. The research and consultancy projects that I worked with gave me exposure to the processing and feedlot sectors of the Australian beef industry.

I currently manage the Flemington Limousin stud at Adelong in southern NSW and also run the JSRL Angus stud.

Why would you encourage others to become involved in the Angus Youth Program?

The scholarship opportunities definitely give young people the opportunity to expand their knowledge and build a network of contacts around Australia and the world. It is also good to be around like-minded people that have a common interest in beef cattle and the industry. There are so many opportunities for young people that are part of the Angus Youth program.

Donna Robson (nee Knox) with son Jack Robson