Where are they now? – Jasmine Green

We checked in with former Angus Youth Jasmine Green (nee Nixon), to see where she is now and what she learnt as an Angus Youth member!

What is your earliest memory participating in Angus Youth activities?

My family raised commercial Angus cattle and bought our bulls from George Reid at Narrangullen Angus at Yass. George was a big advocate of the Angus youth program so encouraged me to join Angus Youth when I started working with the high school cattle team in Year 7.  I attended my first Angus Youth Roundup at Wodonga in 2002 when I was 13.  I recall being very nervous as I didn’t know any other kids attending as it was 5 hours from where we lived.  At registration the girls on the Youth Committee were so lovely I soon forgot about not knowing anyone and had an amazing time! I was allocated a ballot heifer from a Red Angus stud, which turned out to be from our area. I’m still great friends with many of the people I met at that very first Roundup. It was a great event so I was very keen to make sure I went the following year.

What activity/event stands out to you the most (eg Roundup, leadership clinic, scholarships etc)?

Roundup really is one of the best events on the calendar! Attending Roundups, I’ve met and become friends with some amazing people from all across the country who are all involved in some way in the beef industry.  You learnt a lot of the industry sessions and also from the people who attended and supported the event.  It was a great networking opportunity.  It also helped you build some great skills from the various competitions and scholarship opportunities.

In terms of opportunities that you received for being part of Angus Youth, how did your involvement positively influence your development in the beef cattle industry?

I grew up on a commercial Angus operation, but it wasn’t until I got involved in the Angus Youth program that I really considered a career in the beef industry. The opportunities, experiences and networks that the Youth program gave me really helped establish a strong foundation to encourage me to pursue a career in the beef industry.

What were the key learnings you developed as a member of Angus Youth, through the program and then the additional scholarship experiences that you had?

Participating in the scholarship applications (such as Te Mania Most Potential Breeder, Landmark Ambassador, New England Travel NZ Youth Exchange) gave you an opportunity to develop some really good skills such as application letters and interview skills that are applicable no matter what industry you wanted to work; this is something I didn’t realise until one of my friends at school asked me to help her with a job application letter as she’d seen me working on letters to try and win an Angus heifer during school!

I really enjoyed my Angus Youth experience so when the opportunity came up, I applied for a position on the Angus Youth Management Committee to try and give something back to a program that have given me so many opportunities – this was one of the best and most rewarding experiences as it really taught me some great skills around managing meetings, budgets and running events; there is not many places you can get this type of experience at such an early age. The Angus Youth Management Committee and Leadership Clinic program was helping create future beef industry leaders.

How are you involved in the beef cattle industry now/where are you now?

I am now based at Wagga Wagga and work full-time in a Livestock Strategic Operations role for Teys Australia, one of the major beef processing companies in Australia.  My role involves working directly with cattle producers to help them produce better quality beef!

At home, my husband and I run a seed-stock operation breeding Limousin & Angus cattle; and I’ve been invited to judge at Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide Royal Shows.

Why would you encourage others to become involved in the Angus Youth Program?

I believe Angus Youth is the leading program for young people with an interest in the beef industry! There is a big range of scholarship opportunities available – if you want to learn more about the beef industry around the world, you would be crazy not to get involved! There is great support of the program from many people across the industry which provide a great network of mentors; if you are willing to get in and have a go – a world of opportunity awaits!

Feature Image: Jasmine Green with Peter Bond and Lane Evans at the 2019 Thomas Foods International Angus Youth Roundup

Champion Intermediate Herdsperson Jasmine Green (nee Nixon) (right) at Angus Youth Roundup 2005